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CatMet Management Group Minutes

April 6, 2011

Attendees: Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jimmie Lundgren, Hikaru Nakano, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young

Egolf collection
The Egolf cataloging project is underway.  Jane Anne is closely monitoring production.  213 titles out of 1,828 have been cataloged.  With a 15 week timeframe, an average of 125 titles/week need to be completed.   The beginning of next week a determination will be made about whether to assign more FTE and/or request additional OPS funds.

ALF print inventory
Naomi announced that a project to inventory the print JSTOR holdings is beginning and will run through June 30.  The administration has allocated end-of-year funds to hire OPS.  Naomi is going to provide training and support. 

Education reclass

Priscilla and Naomi met with Ben Walker and Carol Whitmer recently to discuss an upcoming reclass project for 400-500 Education Library periodicals.  As soon as Education sends the lists of titles, the project will begin.  Education asked CatMet to do the labelling.  Doug will send Terri the label software program.


Jane Anne and Betsy are continuing to work on clean-up from the reclamation project when time permits.  Betsy is going to talk to Acq E-res about reloading the PsycInfo records so they will have OCLC numbers.

Item record deletion

CMG discussed an e-mail exchange on the CATCLIENT list about item record deletion.  Deleting items with loans attached impacts Aleph loan reports.  Doug will work on a revision to the AlephPro procedure on record deletion.

Copy Numbers
Jane Anne plans to have an AlephPro draft page about not creating copy numbers ready for review next week.

Creative Commons CC0
The CC0 statement in the 588 needs to be corrected so that it refers to the CC0 public domain dedication instead of CC0 license.  Jimmie will give Betsy record editing printouts for a student to use to make the needed changes. 

Future plans include making available a file of UF CC0 records for download.  CMG agreed that the criteria for inclusion should be the presence of a 588 with the CC0 statement.  

April department meeting
Betsy reported that Rachel can attend the April department meeting, and CMG brainstormed about agenda topics: updates from Rachel (status of moving, budget, etc.), Core Competencies, Training Committee presentation on controlled headings in Connexion, and announcements.

Connexion upgrade
CMG supported the idea of having a group showing of the Connexion upgrade Webinar.  Hikaru will contact HR to schedule and announce it.

DLC sent a link to a new Mango test feed.  Betsy and Jimmie are reviewing.


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