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CatMet Management Group Minutes

April 14, 2009

Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jimmie Lundgren, Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young

April department meeting

The group brainstormed about topics to cover during the April department meeting.  In addition to Rachel Schipper's visit, there will be a demo of the bookplate macro and announcements.


The last test load of the MARC-based UFDC records looked good.  Based on feedback, Mark Sullivan is going to make a few more revisions, then send the file to FCLA for reloading in test.  The plan is for Colleen Seale to include a link to the test instance in the next Endeca update e-mail.  After the MARC-based UFDC records are in production, CatMet will work with DLC on the non-MARC UFDC records.


A plan is underway to load records for EDIS publications into Endeca.  At this stage Diana Hagan is extracting a file to send to FCLA to do a test load.

Documents Cataloging Pilot

Progress continues on the stodocs cataloging pilot.  Unfortunately, Jossie Garcia is unable to continue working on the project, but Todd is coming on board.  

Space planning

Betsy mentioned that Library Administration recently inquired about department space needs (e.g., # workstations, linear ft of shelving).   For many years the library has been interested in maximizing public use space in Library East.  Library Administration wants to have the most up-to-date space requirements on hand in the event an alternate site is identified.


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