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CatMet Management Group Minutes
April 16, 2008


Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jason Fleming, Jorge Gonzalez, Jimmie Lundgren; Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young


Monthly meeting

CMG members decided to meet once a month on the 1st Wednesday of each month.  If there is something pressing to discuss, then they will meet on the 3rd Wednesday.

Digital Library Center

Jorge reported on the following:

Firm Map Project - this is done by DLC, catalogs maps as sheets but decided to catalog them as sets to create them as set records.

Spreadsheets - These are put on the web to display current and finished projects and what’s being worked on.

Workflow - Documents different workflows that have links

Ag Work forms – Jorge will work with Nelda on workflow to update and create links.  He is not sure if he is allowed to access the folder on the website to these links.

Local Serial Project

Betsy sent an email to OCLC to check on the status of this project.  The file was sent in December. 

FY09 Unit Goals

CMG should discuss ideas and goals with their units.

Center for Research Libraries (CRL) records

Judy Russell wants to load the CRL records, numbering 1.3 million, into the catalog.  Betsy is investigating.

MARCIVE backlog

Gerald plans to have the backlog loaded by 6/30/08.

AFA Reclass

Priscilla is reviewing an initial sample of 731 AFA reclass items.  Jason will test the call number flipping process.  Priscilla will let others know if she needs any help.

Carp/Remarc project

Jason reported that 12% of the Carp/Remarc records have been reviewed.  The overlay rate is 75%. 


Two representatives from Blackwell visited Acquisitions/Cataloging on Monday – Wednesday.  Robin Champieux will work on workflow analysis.  She confirmed that the goal is to minimize the amount of PrompCat material that comes up to Cataloging.  She also plans to meet with the selectors.

Betsy has contacted OCLC regarding the 100% record delivery option with WorldCat Cataloging Partners, the OCLC program that has absorbed PromptCat.

Grants Management Committee

At the next Grants Management Committee meeting the mini-grant participants will give their 6 month status reports.


Mellon Grant

Nancy will talk to Jim Cusick about collaborating on a Mellon grant to catalog Special Collections material.  Baldwin books are a likely target.

E-Resources Management Committee

Betsy reported that Michele is considering making a change to the charge and membership of the E-Resources Management Committee.

Endeca Discussion Group

Jimmie announced that the group recently considered new ways to display gift material.  Browse searching is still in development.

Database Record Review

Hank is reviewing the database records and making revisions as necessary.

SUL Metadata Subcommittee

Per Naomi, the subcommittee is looking at its charge in relation to the Digital Initiatives Subcommittee.

Training Committee

Doug has the agenda in place and will set up a meeting.  He said they might send a brief questionnaire.

Resource Navigation Committee

The committee will have an open forum discussion on May 14th.

Faculty Recruitment Committee

The draft for new policies and procedures will be submitted on Thursday.

The following positions will be posted:

Staff Development Officer

Associate Dean, Tech Services

Development Officer

E-Resources Librarian


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