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CatMet Management Group Minutes

April 21, 2010

Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Hikaru Nakano, Jimmie Lundgren, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young

2010-2011 department/unit goals

CMG added a goal to the draft list 2010-2011 department goals.  The goals will be kept as a draft until department staff have an opportunity to discuss them at the upcoming department meeting.  Betsy will send out the link prior to the meeting.

April department meeting

CMG discussed agenda items.  Rachel will attend and touch on any budget or relocation news.

Laydene's position

Laydene's reassignment is expected to be in place soon.  This will be added to the department meeting agenda.

Summer intern

Donna Reynolds may volunteer fewer hours per week than originally planned.  Instead of 40 hours per week, it may be closer to 20 hours per week so she can take a class.

Student assistants

CMG supported Doug's proposal that student assistants who do searching be routinely trained to do authority maintenance.  This will provide useful work for students to do when there is a lack of material to search.  Doug mentioned that other non-urgent activities could be added to a queue of tasks to assign to students under this circumstance.

Stats for multiple pieces in a container

CMG agreed that staff should report the total number of pieces, rather than a number for the container, when recording stats for multiple pieces in a container.  Betsy will send an e-mail to the department.

Local serial holdings

Naomi announced that an update file has been sent to OCLC.  In addition to including serial holdings that have been updated since the original file was extracted in 2007, it also includes serial holdings for Law and Health.


Priscilla said we're still waiting for word from Library of Congress about starting the ECIP program. 

OCLC Reclamation

Jane Anne and Betsy are meeting with Jason on April 22 to talk about next steps with cleaning up the unresolved files from the reclamation project.


With the recent news that the Digital Library Center is ingesting into the IR items scanned by Internet Archive, it brought into question whether or not CatMet and Preservation should still add provider-neutral records to Connexion and Aleph.  This is because UFDC collections are included in Mango, and also via OAIster.  However, there are issues with the display of UFDC collections in Mango and  Until a more stable environment is established, CMG concurred with Jane Anne and Cathy Martyniak that the provider-neutral record creation should continue.

Single bib

Jane Anne and Priscilla may need assistance doing clean-up on erroneous tags.  Betsy will check to see whether FCLA can handle the clean-up for the obsolete tags/indicators in the list.  Other clean-up activities include reviewing reports of suppressed bibs with active holdings and continuing the clean-up of holdings missing 852 $a. 

Naomi confirmed that it is permissable not to merge 891 fields on bibs.  The field contains pattern information that is useful to copy/paste into holdings, but after the transfer of information is complete, the 891 field is no longer necessary to keep.

Betsy reported that FCLA released a pre-Phase 1.1 test merge client to a limited audience.  [Subsequent to the meeting, FCLA sent an e-mail that they needed to rerun the merge to resolve some problems.  A new pre-Phase 1.1 client is expected to be ready by the beginning of May.]

Stodocs Project

Jimmie and Betsy met with Cathy Martyniak, Hang Soohoo, and Delonda Strawn at ALF on April 20.  Concern was expressed about the backlog of withdrawals to be processed.  Priscilla is planning to touch bases with Terri and look into assigning another staffperson to assist.

Betsy is going to update the Stodocs Project Web page with meeting notes and other information.

Training Committee

Hikaru and Doug are planning to meet soon to discuss next steps with the Training Committee.  Jimmie said there are plans underway to hold a workshop on LKRs, and she would like the Training Committee's assistance with coordinating the class.   Naomi mentioned that an upcoming serials workshop she's giving will be handled via the HR training database.  CMG suggested the Training Committee consider working with HR to advertise and track all cataloging classes.  An added bonus would be that automated evaluations are sent when the HR database is used for training.

Endeca Communications Group

Jimmie pointed out that the basic search screen in Mango now includes links to helpful search information.



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