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CatMet Management Group Minutes
May 7, 2008


Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jason Fleming, Jorge Gonzalez, Jimmie Lundgren; Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith

Digital Library Center

Jorge attended DLC meeting.   The discussion was about how Cataloging fits into the digitizing data entry processing.  Jorge is trying to get access to the METS editor to see about the feasibility of a bibliographic cataloging component in the database.  Erich says they need more support & programmers for authority control of records in the database.

Jorge will meet with Nelda and Erich to discuss Mets editor and how it works.  Jason is willing to help Mark in crosswalk of making material available.  Jorge suggested Jason join them for a meeting. 

DLC can download and access DLU01 (formerly LTQF).  Randall inputs records in QF but doesn’t have access to use data.  Jorge will also work with FIRM maps using Mets Editor.

Erich plans to leave in August or September.

Training Committee

DLC staff is open to some training in light cataloging with authority work.  Jorge is working on power point for a presentation to Department on Mets.  There should be a background about issues of cataloging being done in the future.  Context would be helpful.  

Doug is still thinking about the possibility of having a brief questionnaire to go out to the Department to get an idea of what people’s needs are.  He suggested a training session to review macros & describe how they exist.  Jackie B and Susan are working with Fern to determine which macros are being used.  The committee decided it should probably be more involved in AlephPro and its involvement with Wiki.  Other ideas included:  Training session on reports in Aleph and re-training in Serials.


Jason will serve as Interim Chair in Steve’s absence.

CONSER update

E-book records

Selectors want to have record for E-books in selected series.  Doug Kiker says Serials Solutions should be able to provide records in the future. 

CRL records

Directors will discuss loading CRL records at the June meeting.  This adds a strain to Aleph cataloging processing whether they are in Aleph or Endeca. 

Material type video

Matthew Daley asked if it’s possible for cataloging to add video to material type item.  Self check machines look at items to determine if something needs to be sensitized or desensitized.  DVD & CD are in security cases to be checked out.  Betsy will send a message to Aleph catalogers.  Jason will do retrospective switch/view.

Grant funds

There will be no more FIU grant funds from DLC this year.

Science & Technology Librarian in Reference

This position has been advertised.  There will be 2 position descriptions – 1 at the entry level and 1 at the mid career level.  The goal is to hire 1 person.  There will be 1 search committee.


Judy is interested in SUL having shared client. TSPC will investigate pro’s and cons.  Will submit Report with recommendations to Directors in 2 years.

Endeca Open Forum

Jason encouraged staff to attend the Endeca Open Forum on May 14th at 10-11am.  Discussion of why you should use Aleph instead of Endeca?  They will discuss new features and upcoming features.

Library OPAC production is next week.  There will be a switch between browse & search.  Google book has full title records in google.

Tenure & Promotion

The committee drafted a verson of ongoing charge details of what they are doing.  The committee will discuss tenure home possibilities.

Lost Items

Jason met with Laurie, Ben, Matthew and Paul for new workflow.  They will propose a draft policy and send to Judy.  There will be a project to replace items that are lost. 


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