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CatMet Management Group Minutes
May 23, 2007

Attendees: Peter Bushnell, Steve Fuquay, Jimmie Lundgren, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young


Both the union and institutional Endeca catalogs display the same SUL-merged record.  The SUL Technical Services Planning Committee is working with the SUL OPAC Subcommittee to define institution-only fields to reduce the clutter in the union catalog. 


Director’s meeting

Judy Russell will attend a Director’s meeting with representatives from other SUL institutions on May 31.  CatMet managers and faculty will meet with Judy on May 30th.  The group brainstormed topics to address and drafted the following agenda:

Department overview

  • structure
  • national program participation
  • grant support
  • interaction with other areas - e.g.,
  • projects with AcqLic Technical Support Unit
    Catalog Problems
    participation in variety of committees such as Resource Navigation Committee
    collaboration with collection managers/curators
    liaison work with DLC

  • goals - process and specifics for this year


  • structural issues (e.g., OPAC decisions need greater TSPC input)
  • communication challenges (rely on e-mail and conference calls)
  • representation (e.g., Metadata Subcommittee - voice/vote for each SUL)


  • we are excited about Endeca; it exposes bib data in ways that directly improve user access
  • we want to optimize the interface and display of bib data and are working with statewide and internal groups to do so
  • we need improved access to the institutional records
  • we suggest a much simplified union catalog to minimize merging problems
  • we are concerned about the current and ongoing Endeca record limit and wonder if the possibility exists for growing the database

Questions [unfortunately, we didn't have time to cover these]

  • What is your view of the future of cataloging?
  • What kind of digital/print balance do you envision in the library's collections?
  • Have you begun any planning related to the use of Library East, e.g., possible move of Tech Services?
  • We've heard that AFA and Music might be moved to a joint facility - is this being planned?

Haiyun Cao

Haiyun will be on intermittent leave July 13, 2007 through September 28, 2007.


Nancy Poehlmann

Steve and Betsy are working on an orientation for Nancy.  Steve will be setting up meetings for Nancy with a number of department staff, e.g., Jimmie re. SACO, Naomi re. CONSER, Priscilla re. NACO and BIBCO, Jackie B. re. cataloging intro, as well as HumCat unit members.


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