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CatMet Management Group Minutes
June 4, 2008


Attendees:  Jane Anne Carey, Jimmie Lundgren, Hikaru Nakano, Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith


Updating OCLC for Pcat records

Betsy, Doug, and Michael are working on an article about pcat reporting software that you run against promptcat records.  One thing it checks is whether there is a 490 field with indicator 0 as the first indicator.  Does the 490 indicator 0 field get updated by copy catalogers in OCLC when the series should be traced and/or require an 830?   The 490 field is updated and call number is put in Aleph for traced series to match authority record; however it is not currently updated in OCLC.  There was agreement that copy catalogers should update these records in OCLC. 

AFA Reclass update

AFA took an inventory of items and ran report on titles remaining.  Labels were created for 700 titles and sent.  1/3 of labels matched and 2/3 books were not on the shelf.  Nancy Williams said that after converting from cards they worked from shelf list so this might be the reason. AFA has scanned in & created barcode numbers which should match our list.  Tom Caswell has OPS staff that can produce labels if we provide him with the call numbers.  Priscilla may need help with this project.  Jimmie and Nancy will ask for volunteers in their units to assist with call numbers.  Spreadsheet will be done by Jason.

OCLC export profile

Doug asked recently about removing 938 and 029 fields from OCLC export file.  The 994 field is the only one being deleted at this time. 

Harn Bishop Study Center

This project had been put on hold but is ready to get up and running again.  Peter will be the trainer and Randy will Install client at Harn.

Proposed IND indexes-version 18

Bib index access – This will move particular number searches to general NNN numbers.  Some are music related and Betsy will talk to Peter.  Jimmie recommended talking to Acquisitions about this.  Some of the indexes are Serial related records that Betsy will talk to Naomi about.  ISSN & ISBN are currently in the browse and plans are to move records from browse to direct indexes.  Deadline is Mid June for this project.


They will be sent when Jason runs report


Betsy asked CMG their thoughts on creating a department blog.  Should Cataloging start one?  Jimmie thought it might be a good idea to have a library cataloging blog and will see if Hank would be interested in looking at this.   

Springer MARC records for e-book series

Gerald loaded a few in Test & noted that subjects on records didn’t match the print record.  They are temp records until Serials Solutions is able to accommodate the E-book records into the system. 

Department Meeting

The next Department Meeting will be scheduled for Mid July.  Jimmie thought the meeting could be used as an opportunity to demo some Aleph cataloging macros.  Other suggestions were to do a Recap of ALA & SLA.

6/4/08 Meeting with Dean

The UF TSPC and OPAC Subcommittee reps will meet with Dean Russell and the HSCL and LIC Directors to review the relationship between Endeca and Aleph, and point out that Endeca is being treated as our primary opac.


Jorge received some material from Nelda.  CMG will discuss workflow of these materials and determine who will receive the items.  Some could be serial material. 

Search Committee

Jimmie is currently serving on the Search committee for the Associate Dean for Technology and Support Services.  The committee will review applicants in July.  The position will be open until filled.

Digital Library Center

Erich will leave the end of the calendar year.


Merrie Davidson is the African American selector.  IBC wanted Merrie to come over to look at what was going on with the Satellite library.  They had withdrawn material that was showing up in our catalog.  IBC should notify us when they need something withdrawn.  Doug volunteered to accompany Merrie & Nancy for a meeting with IBC to explain original workflow. 


Unit goals are due at the end of the Month.







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