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CatMet Management Group Minutes

June 6, 2012

Attendees: Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jimmie Lundgren, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams

Binding shelf

Catalogers will need to place Binding items on a new shelf so Processing can property stamp them before they are set aside for Preservation to pick-up.  [Per post-meeting conversation, Preservation will do the tattle taping.]

AlephPro inventory

Greg provided a list of AlephPro procedures, which Jane Anne volunteered to dedup.  Betsy will send a message to the department asking for volunteers to review and confirm/revise/archive the procedures.

Shared Bib

Branch moves and serials check-in

Priscilla and Pat Reakes are planning to meet soon to discuss the branch moves.  Also, Rachel Schipper contacted Diane Bruxvoort about a planning meeting with TSS representatives to discuss the moves as well as serials check-in.

Storage projects

A detailed OPS request was submitted to Rachel for Stodocs.  No word yet on an allocation.



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