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CatMet Management Group Minutes

June 16, 2010

Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jimmie Lundgren, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young

Guest: Cathy Martyniak

UFSTO cataloging quality review

Cathy asked for input re. cataloging guidelines for ALF as well as the statewide storage facility.  CMG suggested that Cathy consult TSPC re. developing guidelines.  There was CMG consensus that records for storage material should have OCLC numbers.  Naomi commented that FCLA provides reports on records without OCLC numbers.

RDA open access period

Following the 6/17/10 RDA Toolkit Webinar, CMG will discuss how to approach a local review of the product during the open access period.

Division meeting brainstorming list

CMG reviewed a categorized version of the Division meeting brainstorming list.  Betsy will send the list to the department prior to the 7/6/10 meeting.

Collections update

Women in Development: Funds should be available to hire a cataloger to work on the collection.  Over the coming months when a critical mass has been delivered by the Gifts Unit to the alcove, a determination will be made re. what level of funding is needed to support cataloging.

Institute of Black Culture: The collection has been weeded and items withdrawn.  A grover ticket was submitted to add a virtual bookplate to active UFSIB GEN holdings.  When that work is completed, Copy Cataloging will inventory the collection and change the location to UFSWE GEN.

Crocodiliana: No material has been received yet.  Est. 1,200 books covering biological topics primarily, collected by a conservation scientist, who worked with crocodilians.

Child African wildlife: Being cataloged.

Consultant report

CMG discussed a report recently submitted by a consultant hired to look at potential uses for Library East.  The report suggests the possibility of renovating and moving Cataloging and Acquisitions to the 4th floor.

FCLA meeting

Jane Anne described a meeting she attended at FCLA on 6/14/10 for staff assuming aspects of Jason's job in preparation for his departure.

Rush procedure

Doug is updating the rush procedure.  Liaisons were asked to notify the branches.

PURL site administrator and users  

FCLA updated their purl server and needs to know the UF site administrator and users.  [Post-meeting Jorge agreed to serve as the site adminstrator; other users include Jimmie, Hank, Susan, and Greg.]


FCLA is in the process of changing the underlying software for Mango from Endeca to Solr/Lucene. 

SUL Future of the OPAC Task Force

Jimmie announced that she is a member of the SUL OPAC Subcommittee Future of the OPAC Task Force.

Employee Recognition

Naomi encouraged submissions for the Employee Excellence Awards.


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