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CatMet Management Group Minutes

June 18, 2008

Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jimmie Lundgren, Hikaru Nakano, Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams



Jason has been assigned to the Systems Department.  He will join them after his interim position in Acquisitions.  Jason is also the FCLA Liaison and has access to SQL (after training).  Someone should have training skills on using macros.  Betsy will meet with Jason and Michele RE: training and will also discuss Michael Jay’s role with copy cataloging and other units.


Institute of Black Culture

Merrie, Nancy and Doug met with Anthony Crenshaw, IBC Director.  Their workflow seems to be back on track because books are being received from them again.  There is no budget from the Library for IBC.  Merrie is the primary liaison for IBC.

Unit Goals

Betsy reminded the Managers that unit goals are due at the end of June.

NEH Grant

Jay Allbritton will resign his position as Library Associate I in mid July.    Cataloging hopes to find someone to replace Jay until the end of December when the Grant ends. 

AFA Reclass

Cataloging has begun to work on verifying call numbers for the first section of titles in the 700s.  From the shelf list of about 700 items scanned by AFA for reclass only 3 titles required original call number assignment.  Catalogers are able to work/share the reclass project spreadsheets through Google Docs which was set up by Jason Fleming for the project.  Priscilla said that the addition of the separating bars by Jason in the spreadsheet call number/label print format colunm needed to accommodate the label printing program is a big plus.  It eliminated the time needed for each cataloger to manually add the bars to each section of the call number in the spreadsheet.  Overall, the project is going well.  Priscilla thinks this project will be finished by the end of the month.

Education Reclass

Iona thought that Aimee Barrett, who is working with the different branches, might be able to assist with a reclass project once a week.  Iona says that there are 4 categories of collections.  Aimee might start with the Reference Collection.


Randy tried loading Client and had some problems.  Randy referred Harn IT to Daniel Cromwell.  Peter will work with Harn to reduce duplication with other records in the catalog.

Updating OCLC

Doug asked could we enhance records by replacing in OCLC? If so, could we derive subject headings as well, add 246s, etc?  We decided that for the time being we will hand off the work to the other two units when the OCLC record has no subject headings.  Maybe the record should be initially checked if adding anything else besides the call number.  A suggestion was to have a few staff from the copy cataloging unit make the following corrections in OCLC:

     1)  Typos in any field

     2)  246 where information that should be in a subfield is included in the subfield a

           (where the proper title should be)

     3)  4XX please correct any 490 0 fields that are not correct.  Only base this decision

           on the national LC authority database, not on local treatment

     4)  090 enhance when adding a full LC call number or you complete a partial call number

     5)  505 adding new or adding to volume contents - remember to use correct indicator

     6)  856 replace when the link in the 856 is broken and you are able to find the correct

           link.  Do not replace if you do not find the correct link.  Leave as is.

Jimmie suggested that for a limited time the printout be reviewed and corrected in print and if reviewing staff see a problem they should fix it and replace the record in OCLC.  Doug suggested that Jorge be assigned to review them.

Catalog problems – In process

Catalog managers should check the folder with in-process material.  They should glance through and move old problems.

Monthly meeting

A group of Librarians from different areas will meet once a month to talk about projects.  They will include Betsy, Cathy, Jim, Erich, Rich, Patrick, Peter, Stephanie, Laurie and Michele.  They will discuss Scholarly resources and setting priorities.  Jim said that Special Collections and Area Studies have come up with a collection policy.

Book Blitz III

Greg had plans to attend the Book Blitz workshop in Orange Park.  This workshop was later cancelled because of too few registrations.

Library Employee Excellence Award Nominations

This award will be given out to different staff at the Convocation meeting in August.  Staff is urged to nominate someone who deserves this award. 


Priscilla has contacted Diane Barber at LC re: joining the ECIP cataloging program.  LC will provide the software needed to participate in ECIP but we will need to have an IT person that understands voyager and connections and how the program works to help with set-up on our end.  Jimmie thought Greg would be a good candidate for this project. 

OPS Budget

Doug reported 23% reduction in his OPS staff.  Hikaru reported an increase in her funding.

Exchange Librarian

Adrianne Webber, a librarian from Xavier University, will meet with Betsy to get an overview of cataloging.  Adrianne is participating in an exchange program offered through the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).

CLIR Mellon Grant

Nancy is going to submit a proposal for the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) "Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives" grant funded through the Mellon Foundation.  See

Shared Bib

The Technical Services Planning Committee (TSPC) is charged with outlining the pros and cons of the state universities moving to a shared bib.  A preliminary report is due to the Council of State University Libraries (CSUL) Directors in September.   


The Endeca unit will meet in July.  FCLA has removed the article filter from the browse search on the Basic  search screen in Endeca.  This makes it work with foreign language titles, etc. that begin with words that in English are normally articles.  It also makes it important that filing indicators are correct in title fields and that articles are omitted at the beginning of title fields that do not have filing indicators.  Jason has begun working to correct some of these automatically.


The CSUL Directors are interested in having the Center for Library Research 1.3 million records loaded through Endeca.  There will probably be no browse to access them, since the Endeca browse is based on an Aleph index.
















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