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CatMet Management Group Minutes
August 1, 2007



Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jason Fleming, Jimmie Lundgren, Hikaru Nakano, Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young


Haiyun Cao

Haiyun Cao will resign her position on August 28th.  She has accepted a position at York University in Toronto Canada. 


Library Council meeting

Jimmie and Betsy shared information about the July Library Council meeting.  Minutes will be posted at

Aleph upgrade

In response to reports of problems re. linking items to holdings, Jackie Brown developed a procedure, which Betsy will post in AlephPro (see Linking Holdings to Items (v18)). 

Aleph indexes

The TSPC Authorities Subcommittee is leading efforts to review and revise the Aleph indexes.  Priscilla and Jimmie described the results of local and SUL surveys, which have provided helpful data for making decisions.  



OPS will have a 4% reduction from last year.  However, fortunately, DLC has made available grant funds in exchange for dLOC metadata revision work, which will be used to offset the decrease.



Naomi shared the following announcement:'Members of CONSER and BIBCO are now able to authenticate records for integrating resources on OCLC and have them distributed in a single "continuing resources" file to CDS subscribers of the MDS-Serials Service. Subscribers to this file include several ILS vendors, providers of publication access management systems and others services that rely on knowledge bases for continuing resources.  OCLC has configured its account authorizations for CONSER and BIBCO members to add "pcc" and a valid LCCN to records for integrating resources.'  Naomi suggested that we might retrospectively authenticate and assign LCCN to our database records.  Jimmie expressed reservations about this idea, noting that the database records that were copy cataloged may not conform to national standards and, thus, be labor-intensive to authenticate.  Naomi will investigate.


We now have a copy card for staff use at Laydene’s desk, which can be used to make print-outs from microfilm. 


Social Networking

Michele has formed a Library 2.0 working group.  Both Nancy and Jason are members.



The new telephone system VOIP will be coming soon.  Training will be provided.



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