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CatMet Management Group Minutes

August 20, 2008


Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jorge Gonzalez, Jimmie Lundgren, Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young


There are no updates on the Communications Committee

Cataloging & DLC 

Laurie is in the process of assessing Agricultural reports to be scanned and cataloged.  They were in UFDC but not in catalog.  Erich supplied an excel spreadsheet of digital objects that had been scanned. Laurie said that it should be simple to develop a time line.

Cathy is working on digitizing older dissertations and deciding what to do with cataloging.  Some came up with the idea of putting links on holdings.  At the Technical Services Alliance meeting Cathy plans to present what she plans to do with records/procedures. 

Jimmie, Jorge, and Betsy are working with DLC on a method for adding records for UFDC resources to the catalog.  Mark is making progress mapping UFDC content to MARC.

FIU Grant

Erich will let us know when funds are released.  It is hoped to be by mid September. This can apply to any cataloging of Caribbean material.

440 Field

Working on making 440 series obsolete.  PPC will give guideline when it starts.  There will be a global change.  In Aleph, obsolete 440 fields will have green warning.  Should it be FCLA level flip?  Betsy will discuss at TSPC.  Staff should wait for PCC to issue guidelines before using.


Documents had a meeting to develop statewide plan for federal documents.  Jimmie, Jan, and Judy are on a task group looking at cataloging documents in storage.

Annual Reports

Betsy reminded supervisors to turn in annual reports for their Units.

Grant management

Jane Anne stated that the library would fund mini-grants again this year.

Reclass project

Doug said that the storage reclass project is going to be stopped temporarily.  Priscilla will change item record and send all items back that were classed together as serials.  Some of the material was from Lawan’s project. 

Library Structure

Betsy mentioned that the Directors are reviewing the library's committee structure.  They will eliminate some of the committees.  Michele will talk about the TSA charge at the Technical Services Alliance meeting on Thursday.

Training committee

Beatriz Lugo will replace Jason on the Training Committee.

Information Point meeting

Naomi said that some staff at Info Point is interested in getting orientation to staff client.  Doug agreed to this. 



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