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CatMet Management Group Minutes
September 19, 2007


Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jason Fleming, Jimmie Lundgren, Hikaru Nakano, Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Naomi Young


Naomi announced that she has submitted UF's 2006/2007 CONSER Annual Report.

Satellite collections

Naomi mentioned that the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities is interested in becoming a satellite collection.  Nancy said this is also the case with the Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies.  Requests should be coordinated with collection managers and forwarded to the Assistant Director for Technical Services per the guideline, Catalog Access for Satellite Collections.  Betsy reported that this summer Vernon Kisling raised various policy and catalog display issues concerning satellite collections that need to be addressed.  Betsy will contact Michele about this.

The group noted that there have been problems with including materials in satellite collections in the catalog and the library's usual practice of recommending those materials be donated to the library for better management and access.  Using collection level access or other alternatives for improving awareness of and access to materials in departmental libraries, etc. might not have to involve item level representation in the catalog.  For example, if an excel spreadsheet listing the books owned in these collections is maintained then it could be made available on a website and that website linked from a collection level record.

Uncataloged inventory

Nancy is in the process of meeting with curators to update the uncataloged inventory.  Jimmie will check with Documents and the Map & Imagery Library about their uncataloged material.  Betsy will create a draft 2007 spreadsheet in the CatMet-Inventory public folder.


The group discussed the workload among units.  Occasionally, there is a need for a unit to ask for help from another unit(s), but overall the unit heads reported that there is an adequate balance of workload across the department.


Gifts cataloging

Doug announced that Copy Cataloging has offered to assume responsibility for cataloging Acq/Gifts material (approximately 2,000 items per year).


Jimmie reported that she, Hank, Steve, Jason, and Todd submitted a request to FCLA re. UF's use of the LKR field, which is currently not functional in Endeca.


Department meeting

Jason offered to give an overview of Endeca at the October department meeting.


DLC project

Peter has agreed to work on a special project with DLC dealing with the digitization of a collection of material in two South American dialects.



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