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CatMet Management Group Minutes
October 3, 2007


Attendees: Jane Anne Carey, Jason Fleming, Jimmie Lundgren, Hikaru Nakano, Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young


Library Council

Betsy shared highlights from the 9/27/07 Library Council meeting:


Travel request forms should be submitted by Friday, October 5th. 

Service Pins

Service pins and certificates will be given to department chairs on an ongoing basis during the year for distribution at a department meeting or other public forum.

New Tech Services committee

Following a recent discussion at the 9/13/07 TS Aleph Implementation Group meeting, Betsy asked the group for input regarding Michele's plan to charge a new cross-divisional committee that would replace both the TS Aleph Implementation Group and the Technical Services Steering Committee.

Trudi DiTrolio

Betsy reported that Trudi will begin phased retirement in February 2008 and might be assigned to give some of her time to the department.  The group brainstormed about activities for her.     


Copy Cataloging is taking over gifts cataloging, which consists of approximately 1,500-2000 new titles per year and 1,000-1,500 adds.

Macro keys

Jason asked for input re. setting up macro keys.  Doug mentioned there is a preference for being able to use single keys when possible.


Priscilla plans to give a refresher session on BIBCO.

Separate versus single record

Prompted by a number of mini-grant proposals involving local digitization projects, the group discussed current practice re. creating separate records for e-resources versus adding links to print records.  Previous to the meeting Jimmie shared a 2004 report from the Link Monitoring and Maintenance Committee (now disbanded), which confirms that both methods are permissible.  [see Guideline for the Use of 856 Fields in Aleph]


Link checking update

AcqLic E-Resources Unit has started running the link-checking report.  Doug K,, Jessica, Steve C., Jason, Betsy, and Priscilla will meet to discuss the distribution of broken and redirected links identified through the reports.

OCLC Overlay

TS Aleph Implementation Group is looking into changing the UF OWNs to PUBLIC in order to avoid the problem of having to change UF OWN to PUBLIC to make OCLC overlays work.

Reclass project

Betsy reported that AFA is weeding Dewey material because of a lack of space.  Ann Lindell estimates that approximately 20-25,000 volumes will be sent to storage or withdrawn leaving 15-20,000 volumes to be reclassed, possibly next summer.  The totals include monographs and serials.  

L-M-N class material

Hikaru asked that the Location Policy for Print Monographs Classed in L, M, and N be reviewed.

Serials reclass group

A core group of eight will do an excel master. This will include bib level, representation from subject units.  Hank will make a master list, a shelving area will be set up for materials being returned.


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