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CatMet Management Group Minutes

November 2, 2011

Attendees: Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jimmie Lundgren, Hikaru Nakano, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young

Guests: Gerald Langford, Rachel Schipper

E-book records

Acquisitions loads MyiLibrary (Coutts) and Ebrary full records for firm-ordered e-books.  Current count is approximately 700 titles with significant growth expected.  MyiLibrary records do not have OCLC numbers; Ebrary records do.  In those cases where records exist in OCLC, UF holdings have not been updated.  CMG decided not to do the work involved to attach holdings or to create records.   

Internet Archive API and Provider-Neutral records
Internet Archive (IA) has developed an API that may be implemented in Mango.  If so, it could impact the department's plan to create provider-neutral records for UF items sent to IA for digitization because the API would provide easy access to the electronic version without having to create a separate record.  Would the lack of a separate e-resource record be in conflict with an SUL-wide consensus to create separate records for separate formats?  Naomi recommended discussing the issue with the SUL Technical Services Planning Committee, which Betsy will pursue.

Project updates

OCLC visit

Reps from OCLC are scheduled to visit the library on Thursday, November 17, 10am-12pm, MSL 107.

Single Bib

The Single Bib Pilot Project group is in the process of documenting record loading activity across the pilot libraries.  CMG advised Betsy to use the annual cataloging stats to estimate the number of direct exports from OCLC.

CRL link issue

Naomi described a Catalog Problem request to remove a link from a print version record, but the link was coming from a CRL record.  CRL is considering a request from Naomi to remove the link from their record, possibly moving it to a holding record instead.  CRL explained that there are many such links on their records.  The CRL link works for UF, and this may be the case for all CRL links since UF is a CRL member.

Faculty market equity

CMG discussed a detailed document from HR outlining changes to the Libraries' faculty market equity plan.  It will be discussed at an upcoming Library Faculty Assembly meeting.  Brian Keith and Betsy plan to offer small overview sessions for interested faculty later in the year.

Uncataloged inventory

CMG reviewed the recent updated version of the uncataloged inventory.  New information is expected from the Map Library and maybe other areas, too.  When ready, Betsy will distribute it to Library Council.

Affiliated libraries

Priscilla touched bases about the final version of the new affiliated libraries agreement.  As a reminder, liaisons need to work with new affiliated libraries to secure Aleph logins for staff, provide instructions on installing the Aleph client, and train staff in creating records.

506 note

A 506 note indicating that a dvd/video title is licensed for individual viewing only has been removed in Aleph and from original FUG records in OCLC.

Patron Driven Acquisitions (PDA)

UF and FSU, main and law libraries, are piloting an SUL PDA project.  Approximately 3,200 full records from Coutts will be loaded in each institution's catalog within the next few weeks.   Three uses will trigger a purchase.  Workflows are in development, but the plan is to load the records with a project tickler on the bib record and a project-specific sublibrary/collection code (UFPDA VENDOR).  The goal is for the sublibrary/collection code to automatically flip to UFER SMBK after a purchase has been made.  

Acquisitions Librarian search

Hikaru reported that the committee is conducting phone reference interviews and hopes to have in-person candidate interviews scheduled in the near future.


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