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CatMet Management Group Minutes

November 4, 2009

Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Hikaru Nakano, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams

Adding links for retrospective dissertations and brittle books

Preservation asked if they could add links for retrospective dissertations to the bib record, rather than the holding, in order to make their workflow more uniform.  Betsy explained that the rationale for adding the links to the holding was the thinking that in the future this will be necessary in a single bib environment, but it is not clear at this point how links will be handled with single bib, and if it makes Preservation's workflow easier for the time being, it shouldn't be a problem to change.  Jane Anne is investigating a workflow whereby separate e-resource records would be created, rather than adding links to the print records.  It's possible an OCLC macro could be utilized to automatically convert the print records to e-resource records.

Local serial holdings in OCLC

OCLC loaded UF's local serial holdings.  Naomi met with Jackie B., Hank, Todd, and Susan to strategize about the review and correction of approximately 3,500 problem records.

OCLC reclamation project

OCLC has begun to process UF's reclamation files.  To date, out of 1.6 million records, a very small percentage has been classified as unresolved.  When the processing is complete, reports of the unresolved records will be generated to facilitate a review.

Tech Bulletin 257 and Provider Neutral E-Monographs

The Training Committee is working out the details related to an upcoming training session on OCLC Tech Bulletin 257 and the new Provider Neutral E-Monograph MARC Record Guide

Michael has completed the macro to export ETD records from Aleph to WorldCat.  Priscilla will check with Gerald about plans for loading the ETD backfile and re-training Copy Cataloging to add records moving forward.  

Local series authority file

Priscilla is considering how to review and eliminate the local series authority file, which includes about 69,000 series and 11,000 names.  The series reports issued by FCLA only analyze LCA10 authorities.  There is no mechanism in place to get reports on problems with authorities in the local file.

Access Support Head Search
Jane Anne reported that the search for the Access Support Head has been re-opened.  She will continue to serve as a member of the committee.


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