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CatMet Management Group Minutes
November 7, 2007


Attendees: Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jason Fleming, Jimmie Lundgren, Hikaru Nakano, Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Naomi Young

6xx foreign language headings

Nancy pointed out that the AlephPro guide 6XX Fields in Shared Cataloging Copy does not specifically address 650-651 2nd indicator 6 headings.  The group confirmed that non-English subject headings, including 650-651 2nd indicator 6, should be removed from copy.  Nancy will update the procedure.  Betsy will talk to Michael Jay about revising the PromptCat reports so that these headings are deleted from PromptCat records.

Print reference collection

Based on the very few responses to her e-mail re. the use of the print version of the LCRIs and Subject Cataloging Manual, the LCRI notebooks will be returned to Documents and one copy of the Subject Cataloging Manual will be left in the reference area on the east end of the room.

Closing routine

Current 3rd floor closers are Jorge (Monday), Steve (Tuesday and Thursday), and Peter (Wednesday and Friday) with Gerald, Doug, and Betsy serving as back-ups.  Randy has agreed to become a closer replacing Steve when he retires in December.  Betsy will work with the closers to simplify the procedure.  The group agreed that the closing routine can take place at 5pm instead of 6pm.  All 3rd floor staff should be reminded to turn off lights and other electric items at their workstations before leaving.

Returns to Copy Cataloging

Jimmie will set up a basket on the east end of the room for catalogers to put items with copy that can be handled by Copy Cataloging.  Doug said it would be helpful to know if the return is due to inaccurate searching.

Jewel cases for CDs

Jimmie reported that the supply of jewel cases for CDs available to catalogers needs to replenished more frequently.  Doug will make sure there are enough on hand. 

Returns from Processing

Jimmie described her unit's frustration with getting materials returned from Processing for what often seem to be minor problems.  Doug explained that experience has shown that without this feedback problems often escalate.  The group consensus was that Processing would continue to return the items.

HOL 866 vs. 852 $z

The group discussed the current use of HOL 866 to help users navigate the OPAC when viewing series and analytic records with LKR fields.  A decision was made to use 852 $z instead.  Naomi will notify Cathy Martyniak, who had asked about the practice; Betsy will inform Todd.  With the upgrade to Aleph and implementation of Endeca, the text of the notes needs to be changed as well.  Jason offered to have the Endeca Usability Task Group revise the notes.  Betsy will send Jason detailed information to facilitate the task group's review.


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