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CatMet Management Group Minutes

December 3, 2008

Attendees:  Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jimmie Lundgren, Hikaru Nakano, Nancy Poehlmann, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams


Jimmie will be on Sabbatical next fall.  Her topic will be “defining and understanding the different constituencies within our patron group”.  

Brittle Books

There is a procedure for putting links on records.  Some things we scan ourselves, some things we find out on google books and OCA (Open Content Alliance) will scan some books for us.  Brittle books task force wants to make sure that cataloging is ok with adding the URL and adding a 583 note.  Nancy will send the procedure to CatMet managers.

Doug’s unit has received the first 10 hard copies of replacements for the Brittle Books.

Nancy’s application for CLIR grant to do Baldwin books was denied.  She could submit it again next year.


There are records describing UFDC collections in Aleph DLU01, which appear in Mango.  A process map has been developed to help DLC upload records to Endeca.  They look to see if there is an Aleph# and/or OCLC# in their tracking system.  Based on the presence or absence of the numbers, they follow a certain path.  Betsy, Jimmie, Mark, and Laurie met to discuss the process.

Shared storage facility documents cataloging

300,000 items that are federal documents have to be cataloged before being transferred to the shared storage facility after it is built.  Funds have been allocated to hire OPS to catalog the collection.  Jimmie, Doug, and Betsy met with Documents staff at ALF to survey the collection.  Betsy will be receiving ten boxes of material for a government document cataloging pilot.  They and Jackie Brown will catalog and discuss what needs to be included in our assessment and do a report of how many people will need to be hired and how much time it will take to do this. 


The reclass project for circulated storage items will begin again soon.  Jason ran a report of AFA Dewey items and matched this to the list of AFA's scanned items.  113 AFA library items were not on the shelf and will be marked as being lost.  Iona inquired about next steps in the plan to reclass Education Dewey material.  Betsy reminded her that the first step is to complete the weeding.

Cataloging workflow

Betsy asked if there were any continuing problems with the distribution workflow.  Doug said HumCat's shelves are currently full.  Doug said that there are only 12 shelves left of coastal archives books and this should be done in a few months.

Cataloging productivity report

Judy requested a report re. cataloging productivity, including staff assignments and department priorities.  CMG brainstormed ideas for what to include in the report.  

Health Science Center Library

Discussions are underway to merge the HSCL and Smathers budgets.  It is unclear at this time what other aspects of the HSCL operation might be merged with Smathers.  


The Judaica candidate turned down the position.

SUL Janus reports

The SUL Collections Planning Committee appointed six groups to look at the future of statewide collection development.  The Janus Challenges Task Forces issued final reports that will be reviewed by CSUL (see  Some of the challenges have spill-over to cataloging.  The Janus challenges were first discussed at a 2005 national conference of collection development officers.

Baldwin grant

The Baldwin grant has been extended six months.  Susan will be working 10 hours a week through December 30th.  Emilia will retire in January and Jane Anne and Fern will work on the grant until the end of June. 

Career Development Committee

Rich Bennett has been appointed chair and has scheduled the first meeting.  Jimmie will serve on the committee.

Sabbatical/FEO Committee

Priscilla reported that there are no applications for FEO at this time. 


Doug will schedule a training session on holdings in January, which Hank will lead.  


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