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CatMet Management Group Minutes

December 5, 2012

Attendees: Peter Bushnell, Jane Anne Carey, Jimmie Lundgren, Hikaru Nakano, Betsy Simpson, Doug Smith, Priscilla Williams

Guest: Susy Potter


CMG made decisions about next steps with RDA training.  All department staff will be instructed to complete the first four sections of the Library of Congress RDA Training Materials by January 31, 2013 in preparation for the RDA NACO training with additional modules to follow.  Betsy will send an e-mail to the department. 

  1. FRBR Fundamental Concepts
  2. FRBR Practicum: Applying the Concepts
  3. FRBR, RDA, and MARC
  4. Using the RDA Toolkit

Department move

PPD has done a walk-through of the 1st floor and will be providing information to the deans about the use of the space.  Facilities will share a floor plan incorporating PPD input pending approval from the deans. 

Renovations on the 4th floor are expected to include the removal of walls and asbestos abatement.

Clean-up projects

Jane Anne is going to create instructions and distribute assignments for a clean-up project involving old holdings with 852 $z on order.

Department meeting

Betsy will schedule the department meeting for late January.


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