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TS Aleph Implementation Group Meeting
May 10, 2007

Item Record Material Type
Raimonda and Bobby reported that they are finalizing the material type guide, but needed to know when to apply ISSUE vs. ISSBD. The group decided that ISSBD would only be added as part of Aleph's automated processes for collapsing items for binding and not manually added by staff.

Rich reminded the group that Endeca is set up to use the same sort as Aleph.

Storage serials
Naomi, Bobby, Ben, Lori, and Jason are working on item clean-up for Storage serials. Jason is currently resorting those relatively few items (approximately 1,300) that can be done so automatically. The rest of the items will be resorted after the version 18 upgrade in order to take advantage of expected improvements in reports and functionality.

Aleph 18 upgrade - Functionality testing

Cataloging is continuing to test functionality. Most problem reports have been fixed, although the OCLC overlay export is still an outstanding issue. Rich encouraged the group to test with permissions in mind and to let him know if adjustments need to be made. Doug commented that he planned to test bib and holding record deletion, functions that are restricted to cataloging supervisors.

Acquisitions has done some testing and problems have been reported.

Matthew said that Circulation has not experienced very many problems thus far, but FCLA has not given them the go-ahead to test notices and the print daemon yet because users will be sent actual notices. FCLA needs to change the e-mail addresses in Test18 first. Bobby suggested sending library staff the fake notices in the meantime.

Rich offered to check with FCLA regarding the deadline for problem report submissions.

Aleph 18 upgrade - Training
Betsy announced that Cataloging is going to offer one class. Four sessions have been scheduled in late June and July. The sessions have been added to HR's training database, but the title needs tweaking. When that is done, Betsy will send a notice to library staff to advertise the class.

Details are still being worked out, but Jason expects that Acquisitions will offer two classes - an overview session for a cross-section of staff and a more indepth session for Acquisitions staff.

Circulation is offering a wide variety of classes to begin mid-May.

The group discussed the possibility of taping classes. Rich raised concerns about the quality of such tapes in that they are not video training tapes per se. Matthew said that Circulation is going to make PowerPoints available for the Circulation classes. Others thought that might be the way to go but also wanted to look into whether taping could be done. Providing new and remote staff (e.g., IFAS) with video access, whether it be Web-based or via CD, could be helpful. Jimmie suggested that the IFAS training could be more general in nature and not necessarily focused on the upgrade. Jan recommended talking to Val Davis, IFAS Outreach Librarian.

Aleph 18 upgrade - Indexes
Priscilla reported that the SUL Authorities Subcommittee has been charged with reviewing the authority and bib indexes in preparation for loading a new LCA10 file and regenerating the Aleph indexes. Current thinking is that the indexes will be regenerated for Phase 1 libraries after the Phase 1 libraries are upgraded this summer. Previously, the regeneration was scheduled to happen after all SUL had upgraded.

Indexing is resource-intensive. If the indexes can be simplified (e.g., collapsing all the author indexes into one index), it will likely improve the rate at which records can be loaded.

Betsy pointed out the merged bib serves as both the union and the institutional record in Endeca. Jimmie asked that if the local MARC view is displayable in the institutional catalogs, couldn't it be used to generate a standard view of the institutional record. Rich explained that this is not possible and that the local MARC view displays because FCLA has set up a dynamic query of the Aleph Oracle database as it has also done with the items and holdings information. Rich reiterated that the Aleph OPAC will be available, albeit in its raw form - uncustomized by FCLA.

Jimmie expressed frustration with the dirtiness of the current Endeca bib display (e.g., duplication of 245, 260, 300, and 504 fields; use of local notes). Naomi voiced concern about serial title changes in Endeca. Rich said FCLA can alter the Endeca display in ways it couldn't manipulate the Aleph display.

Rich shared how staff can view the Aleph bib via Endeca. On the results list, click on the period following the number. This will lead to a debugging page. At the bottom of the display, follow the link to "UF Aleph Bib".

Bibs in Endeca will be updated weekly for now, but FCLA hopes to institute nightly updates in the future. NCSU does nightly updates, however their database covers one institution and is a much smaller database.

Rich said it's possible UF will have a soft launch of Endeca until the version 18 upgrade when the only alternative will be the uncustomized Aleph catalog.

The recent Endeca stress test was not terribly successful - the system response was slow - but it gave FCLA good information.

ELUNA meeting
Jason, Ben Walker, and Marilyn Ochoa will attend the upcoming ELUNA (Ex Libris Users of North America) meeting in early June. Jason offered to send the group a link to the program and share information from particular sessions if requested.

Betsy reported that FCLA is in the process of creating DLU01, the Aleph library to support SUL digital records. LTQF records will be migrated to DLU01 and new workflows developed to support its use.

Naomi, who recently returned from the CONSER Operations Committee meeting in Washington, D.C., reported that a new standard for full level serial records, including changes in certain descriptors and coding, will take effect June 1. She has confirmed that UF's Aleph validation tables are adequate to support the changes. Naomi has shared the details of the new standard with catalogers and plans to discuss this with the Print Media Management Committee. Jan recommended that Naomi address this topic at the next TS/PS/CM meeting in July.

Naomi also mentioned that she gathered information at the CONSER OpCo meeting about the status of the RLIN-OCLC merger and the organizational changes at the Library of Congress Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate. If anyone is interested in the details, please contact her.


The next TS Aleph meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 14, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.  


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