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RS Migration Group Minutes

January 14, 2004

Data review
On December 17 Jimmie, Nancy, and Betsy met with Lydia to review all unresolved non-acquisitions related problem reports. At that meeting a number of problems were marked to review in Subset Load 5 to determine if the fixes worked.

The Full Load 2 review was completed December 24. As part of the review we proofread and tested the indexing tables prior to signing FCLA's Aleph Indexing Profile Acceptance, which states "The appropriate library staff at the University of Florida have reviewed their Aleph indexing tables (tab 11_ind, tab_11_acc, tab 11_word) and functionality and accept them as the Indexing Profile to be used in their final Switch to Production data conversion, with the following exceptions:" Outstanding problem reports related to indexing were listed in the exceptions area.

Subset Load 5 is scheduled to begin in early February. It is expected that there will be a Full Load 3, which will be applied to the Aleph Reports region.

Betsy circulated a reports spreadsheet Rich distributed at the January 21 LMS Steering Committee meeting:

Services Menu Items in each Module - FCLA Recommendations 10/03

Rich, Julia, and Winston plan to provide reports instructions/training. The initial focus is to determine which reports need to be automatically generated on a routine basis and add them to a joblist.

Per Charles and Julia, the Acquisitions training groups are making progress testing and demoing workflow. In December a group met with Daniel to discuss possibilities for substitute functionality for CORCE. Daniel is experimenting with the Yankee loader, which currently does not allow for overlays. Overlays are needed to replace firm order provisionals with Yankee records.

Jean asked if the overlay process in Aleph will provide the same type of protections as are available now with WinONI. In a recent email exchange with Mary Ann and Daniel, Jean asked if Aleph will prevent accidental overlays of cataloged records similar to the WinONI acqu option. Mary Ann and Daniel responded that it may be possible through table setup and/or cataloger level to put in place restrictions to minimize overlay problems.

The Tech Services Lite class is in the planning stages. Cecilia and Betsy drafted the cataloging piece.

Betsy reported that a subset of the Cataloging Trainers Group met January 6 to make decisions about a number of unresolved training issues. Decisions made at 1/6 Cat A-B-C trainers meeting. At the Cataloging Trainers Group's next meeting on January 20, the Cat A-B-C trainers will give a progress report; Cecilia and Betsy will present the cataloging portion of the Tech Services Lite class; and Naomi will report on the status of the proposed MARC21 Holdings class and Serials class.

Cathy mentioned that she is looking into developing a Binding class.

Macro Express
Julia announced that she is investigating Macro Express, a add-on software product being used by a number of Aleph institutions. As a first step, Julia and Acquisitions staff are experimenting with applying it to Acquisitions workflow. More information is available at

Aleph validation function (Check button)
A task group has been formed to configure the Aleph bib validation function. Gerald reported that he, Jorge Gonzalez, and Beatriz Lugo are reviewing the related tables and will collaborate with Daniel to revise the existing setup. As a reminder, the validation function in Aleph is not as robust as the CLARR BAM routine.

Item Process Statuses
Betsy expressed concern about the lack of decisions regarding customization of the Item Process Statuses. The group agreed that a small group, including Michele, Cathy, Lori, Rich, and Betsy should meet with Jennifer Kuntz to finalize conversion parameters. [The meeting was held January 21.]

Rich reported that Daniel is developing permissions templates based on current NOTIS permissions although it will be possible to customize permission setups, too.

ALA Midwinter Meeting
Betsy attended an Aleph Consortia meeting coordinated by Michele Newberry and Maureen Zajkowski, SUNYConnect LMS Project Manager, the purpose of which was to identify key issues impacting consortia environments and map out a strategy for addressing problems with Ex Libris. Moving forward, it was decided that Ex Libris would work with Aleph installations to confirm individual institutional configurations (e.g., operating system, current version and patches), then share the information to facilitate collaboration among Aleph shared system customers. ALA, NAAUG, and ICAU will provide venues for discussing issues related to shared system implementation and maintenance. Betsy distributed copies of the meeting handout "Aleph Consortia Issues for FCLA".

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 12, 10:00-11:30, Library East Conference Room.


  • Conduct Subset Load 5 review (All)
  • Continue to test workflow (All)
  • Develop training curriculums (training groups
  • Participate in discussions and meetings re. Aleph reports (Betsy, Michele, etc.)
  • Participate in Item Process Status meeting (Betsy, Michele, Cathy, Rich)
  • Continue work with FCLA to customize client (All)

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, January 28, 2004


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