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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes
February 9, 2006



Jason reported that he has installed the linkchecking software on Lawan's computer and will work with Lawan to determine file selection and workflow. Linkchecking was last done in July 2004 with NOTIS-generated data.  

Jimmie mentioned that broken OECD links for monographs are being identified and will be corrected.  Naomi pointed out that Serials Solutions covers the OECD serials. 

Dream Team

Jason's activities thus far include creating a list of Aleph reports; working with Adrian Zeck (CM Support Unit) to create a report of items by call number range; and training Hank Young (Science and Social Science Cataloging Unit), Terri Smith (Database Maintenance Unit).  After the Education Library gets Macro Express, Jason will train Christine Coger.  Jason plans to involve the rest of the Dream Team and will be using the library's Bulletin Board to communicate with its members.

EDI invoicing

Michele announced that EDI invoicing for serials has been very successful, but this is not the case for monographs. 

Previously with NOTIS, orders were tagged in the vendor system, then the vendor provided a file of the tagged titles.  The CORCE software enabled Acquisitions staff to automatically generate order records from the file and insert the local system numbers back into the file, which was then transmitted to the vendor to place the orders.  The vendor included the local system numbers with the invoice.

Currently, there is no mechanism to transfer the local system numbers to the vendor.  The CM Support Unit places orders directly rather than tagging titles.  Michele said that Acquisitions is investigating workarounds developed by other Aleph institutions.  Ideally, local systems and vendor systems should be able to "talk" to one another to share such data. 

Object codes

Jason announced that FCLA has created a crosswalk to link object codes to order numbers, making it possible to automatically add object codes to invoices.  (For background, see 5/12/05 TS Aleph minutes)

TKR standard

Betsy explained that the original group of volunteers working on a TKR standard, led by Suzy, focussed their efforts on the use of a TKR for collecting cataloging statistics, then helped developed the trigger to record statistics.  Now that the cataloging statistics project is essentially completed, the need remains to identify existing TKRs, recommend a standard inputting format, and establish a process whereby staff can submit newly created TKR strings for archiving.  Betsy asked for volunteers, and Jimmie, Suzanne, Cathy, and Betsy stepped forward.  Jean and Cecilia will be kept in the loop as well. 

Cathy suggested that the TKR group look at the draft revision of the IPS table and associated Web form.  Martha asked that the drafts be posted widely (e.g., AlephPro, Circ Manual, Libraries Policies & Procedures Manual) so that staff can easily access the information even in draft form.  She pointed out that "Draft" can be noted on the document as well as in the index.

New Titles

Betsy announced that, for the most part, catalogers have been using the statistics macro since mid-January and adding titles to the New Titles logical base.  There are approximately 1,500 titles in the logical base to date.  Per Public Service input, FCLA changed the time titles are included from 60 to 120 days.

Jason reported that FCLA is updating GenLoad so that it includes an option to add the NEW tag to batchloaded records, such as the shelf-ready material.  This enhancement is expected to be available the week of February 13. 

Rich said he has been developing the New Titles public interface, taking into consideration Public Service requests mentioned at the 1/26/06 TS/PS/CM meeting for filters by location, date, call number, and format.  He is looking closely at the Notre Dame Virtual Bookshelf as a model. 

The group consensus was to move forward with implementing the public interface as soon as the shelf-ready material is included in the logical base.

Cataloging Statistics

Jason posted links to the Cataloging Statistics Guideline and Cataloging Macro Suite in the FCLA swiki.  Betsy will notify the SUL via FCLA e-mail lists.

The cataloging statistics trigger report includes holding system number, title, unit, user id, trigger creation date, and trigger text.  FCLA is in the process of adding the bib system number, language of the item, and call number. [Subsequent to the meeting, FCLA reported that the call number data in the trigger report xml is not usable.]  Location data is not recorded by the trigger.  Martha and others pointed out that linking the location data to the new items cataloged would assist with collection analysis.  Betsy and Jason will explore possibilities for gathering the location information.


Betsy reported that the recent discovery of thousands of bibs in the indexing queue seems to be linked to the LCA10 updates.  Bibs with headings fully matching updated authorities are expected to enter the queue.  However, in addition, bibs with parsed versions of these headings also enter the queue, increasing dramatically the numbers waiting to be indexed.  FCLA is analyzing the problem and plans to release a FAQ and suggest possible workarounds.

Referring to the 1/26/06 TS/PS/CM meeting, Betsy asked about Denise's recommendation for a group to revisit the indexes in preparation for a version upgrade and whether such a group will be formed.  Martha responded that it will be a long time before a version upgrade takes place, re-indexing would occur afterward, and new catalog access technologies should impact future decisions re. indexing.  Therefore, it is premature to have a group revisit the indexes now.  

PALMM records

Jan asked the status of efforts to include PALMM records in the library catalog.  Both Jan and Martha stressed that this should be a priority.  Betsy explained that loading LTQF records has taken a back seat to other important loads (e.g., shelf-ready, TOC), but that she would speak with Priscilla about giving it greater urgency.

Duplicate holdings

Rich reported that some duplicate holdings still display in the Web OPAC in spite of FCLA running a fix to correct them.  The ones he has checked are not duplicated because of different material types, Item Statuses, or Item Process Statuses, and he is not sure how extensive the problem is.


Martha reminded Rich and others that the Aleph permissions setup needs to be kept on the to-do list.  Rich is currently working on CM permissions with Michele and helping Cathy resolve permissions problems.

Serial links

Naomi announced that links have been removed from approximately 12,000 Smathers' print serial records following the loading of Serials Solutions records into the catalog.  Those remaining to be done are part of DOAJ, Directory of Online Access Journals.  HSCL previously removed links on their print serial records, and Jean said Law has been working on their records since August 2005.

TS/PS/CM meetings

The TS/PS/CM April meeting will be held in MSL Conference Room because it can accommodate more staff than Library East Conference Room.  Future meetings are expected to be held in Library West.


The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 9, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room. 


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