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RS Preliminary LMS Migration Planning Group Minutes

February 22, 2002

The Planning Group reviewed the list of tasks discussed at the January 10, 2002 meeting.

Test record file

Betsy reported that the test record file has grown since our last meeting, and Jimmie gave the up-to-date count of ~830 records in LTUF.


Suzanne reported that 573 GOBI records were loaded into the test region using FULOADER.  In addition, she contacted the CM Support Unit about deriving pre-order records into the test region, too, and will work with them to accomplish this.  Selected QZ membership records have been tagged in LTUF. 

Suzanne and Jack activated and successfully tested with CORCE a group of fake fundcode records.  These records have been tagged to see if they migrate correctly to the new system. 

Michele and Suzanne reported that they discussed those areas of the library where the acquisitions process is outside the mainstream workflow, such as Maps and certain parts of Special Collections.  They concluded that exceptions will inevitably exist and need to be kept in mind as we evaluate workflow with the new system. 

Michele and Suzanne pointed out that foreign approvals are handled differently than domestic approvals and firm orders and differently than foreign firm orders.  It was mentioned that we might not want to migrate the invoice number on foreign approvals.

Michele is not sure if we need to migrate all the direct vendor records.  She has heard about problems migrating direct vendor records, and plans to explore this further.  The move to the new system presents an opportunity to coordinate vendor records across UF, HSCL, and LL, while allowing for a way to differentiate among the three areas. 

Michele announced that she has completed the process of reviewing the standing orders.  Judy Rummel is doing clean-up work on them. 

Unlinked Item Records

Re. Item ID Not Reserve unlinked item records, Lawan said that the Database Maintenance Unit has completed its work on these records.  The Science Library needs to handle the remaining records in this category.

Lawan has not sent the files of unlinked item records for reserve material to Access Services staff yet.

The Planning Group is not sure how unlinked item records will be tested.  Betsy will look into this.

Test Records for 856 Field

Lawan reported that she has begun selecting records to test 856 migration.  The records selected thus far have been derived into the test region. 

Timing of Test Loads

Lawan emphasized the importance of our receiving prior notification before the test loads take place, preferably 2 weeks.  She has identified records to be entered into the test record file shortly before the first test load of that data.  Later in the meeting Martha explained that we will receive notice, but there isn't an exact timeframe.

A question also came up about whether or not decisions regarding location codes have to be resolved by the DCU and community colleges before any test loads begin.  Martha said that the location codes do not have to be final beforehand.

Clean-up Activities

Nancy reported that Dot has almost completed an inventory of the Institute of Black Culture collection.

FCLA ran a retroautoclaim recently.  Nancy is working on the series report from that retroautoclaim and expects to finish by the end of April.  She recommended running another retroautoclaim at the beginning of 2003.

Andrea Chavez has finished her diacritic work for the BN, NOIS, C8-SOURCE, and RNBNA files for Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and French.  Next Nancy will have Andrea work on cleaning up null values retrieved through the fi fmt=null search.

Unfortunately, Ritesh Chaube had to resign because of school demands.

Copy Level Notes

Nancy distributed handouts that highlight various copy level notes and proposed our having student/staff delete obsolete copy notes.  Questioning whether it makes sense for student/staff time to be devoted to this work, the Planning Group was receptive when Martha mentioned the possibility of migrating all copy notes to a history record.  Betsy will try to find out if this idea is doable. 

User messages (UM) will migrate.  Nancy reported that some UMs have excess spaces.  This was done to improve the display of the UM note on the public side.  The general consensus is that ExLibris should be able to remove the spaces programmatically. 

Title Level Notes

Our understanding is that title level notes will not migrate. [Rich Bennett is doublechecking this.]  Michele reported that important information is recorded in this area, including the serial disposition file and information about related previous titles (rrp) and related later titles (rrl).

The next meeting was scheduled for early April.

Tag test records (All)
Review inventory and smp index to identify tagging needs (All)
Continue clean-up activities (All)
Investigate testing unlinked item records (Betsy)
Find out about notification before test loads (Betsy)
nvestigate the possibility of migrating copy notes to a history record (Betsy)
Continue to identify trouble spots (Nancy, Dot)
Continue to supervise student work with null values (Nancy)
Analyze group of 387 No Item ID unlinked item records (Lawan)
Begin to prepare reports of Reserve Item ID unlinked item records for locations (Lawan)
Tag records to test 856 migration that have been derived into the test region (Lawan)
Work with CM Support Unit to derive pre-order records into the test region test record file (Suzanne)
Tag open order records and provisional records in test region (Michele, Suzanne)
Investigate the need to create records for all our direct vendors (Michele)


Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, February 22, 2002


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