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RS Migration Group Minutes

April 8 , 2004

1. Full Load
Rich said the full load of UF data into Aleph was going well until last Thursday when a linking program caused Oracle to crash. On the weekend another attempt also resulted in a crash. Ex Libris staff decided it was an Oracle problem. There was a "known bug" in Oracle involved. Ex Libris staff are applying the fix for this bug to a report server and trying to determine if this fixes the problem. There is no final word on their success as yet and FCLA is still hopeful of meeting our STP date. Rich says we are sitting tight for now and he has not sent a general announcement about the problem to library staff, although he has mentioned it at meetings.

2. Training
Pre-STP: Julia said it is going relatively smoothly. People are registered for the classes. Had acquisitions class. She will have a reporting class for the Health Center and will have one here April 22. Tatiana said materials for classes are in pretty good shape.
Michele noted that after the Introductory Functional Training classes it appears not everyone had loaded Aleph on their PC's and asked Rich to send another message about loading it. Hope to close the books around May 15 and load acquisitions information in early June. For Acquisitions some things are not working as they should.
Post-STP: The class for Collection Management will be important. "Acq-lite" needs a new name. Other acquisitions classes from Jack as well as Denise's Searching 102 and 103 will occur post-STP. There will be a lot of individual tutoring, many meetings and outreach to help staff learn to apply Aleph.

3. Freeze activities
Jimmie reported that the freeze cataloging procedures are going well and lots of books getting cataloged. Naomi mentioned that serials needs some additional 049 codes and is temporarily saving records on their PC's until these become available. Jean said that the Legal Information Center is moving to Publix while their new library is being built and April 16 will be their last day in the old building. Serials check-in staff are keeping check-in information on a spreadsheet. Arrow reports are being generated for paying information. Preservation is printing information and the only binding being done during the freeze is in Smathers Library. The "Virtual Approvals" are being reviewed online then come in as firm orders, shelf-ready to load Post STP in Aleph as well as currently in LUIS.

4. Client customization:

Rich said he was given a set of 4 levels of permissions for cataloging from Betsy and that Lori had given him Circulation input for establishing necessary permissions for Aleph work. The initial permissions scheme is a work in progress and can be refined later as we learn more about how it works for us. It is flexible. Ideally many people's permissions setup point to common profiles, and these can change for individuals.

Item Process Statuses
A task force worked on a list of these codes and corresponding messages and placed the most often used ones near the top. Staff entering the item process status can either choose the appropriate one from the drop-down menu showing the list or type the code in the box if they already know it. Cecilia mentioned that department names appear in some. These should only be used when appropriate. The list can change.

Item Record Material Type
This longer list is being reduced to basically indicate whether the item is an issue (which may be bound) or not an issue.

Someone mentioned ITMH. There was a problem associated with suppressing of copy holdings information preventing display of order status information loaded from the holdings records in LUIS. It is necessary to go back and allow the display of the holdings lines marked for suppression in order to correct the on order display. This does not apply to serials. Michele will ask Lydia how they will display. We should be able to get reports and do cleanup as needed in Aleph.

5. 856 Display
Anchor text in the 856 subfield y is displaying but not hiding the actual URL in Aleph, and this will be the case for the foreseeable future. The 856 subfields, which had displayed as a continuous field, look better now since they have been broken up into separate lines in the display, but still are all part of the clickable part of the record. Clicking on a link connects to a copyright page, which requires acceptance of copyright restrictions before connecting to the actual Internet resource, (whether or not it is actually a copyrighted resource). Naomi talked about the desirability of moving the note about access restrictions for UF students, etc. that has been included in the 856 field to a separate note field to improve its visibility.

6. GenLoad
Julia said it could not be used presently since it created a problem in Aleph and needed some further work. It will be demonstrated here in a meeting April 9.

7. STP Checklists. We should think about what should go into a checklist and send input to Betsy or Michele.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 13, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.

Complete Freeze data review (Jimmie, Gerald, Betsy)
Complete pre-STP training sessions (training groups)
Develop/present post-STP training sessions (training groups)
Prepare for post-STP Day 1/Week 1 support (training groups)
Load Freeze CatME files with FCLA's assistance (Jimmie, Betsy, etc.)
Continue to work with FCLA to customize client (All)
Test permissions (Rich, etc.)
Test GenLoad (Julia and Loader Working Group)

Prepared by: Jimmie Lundgren, April 27, 2004


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