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RS Migration Group Minutes

May 29, 2003

We were glad to have Daniel Cromwell from FCLA join us!

RS Aleph website
The RS Aleph website has been updated to include new connect and installation information for UFTest, FCTest, and UFProd servers and a revised Aleph Dataload Review Checklist.

UF Migration email list
Lydia Motyka at FCLA created a "UF Migration listservs" email list to facilitate her sharing timely information with the RS Migration Group as well as UF's LMS Steering Committee.

Authority review
Nancy reported that she is coordinating a small group of staff who are reviewing authorities in UFTest. Initially, UFTest includes our local authorities (i.e., authorities lacking an 010) and series authorities. At some point the LC and Mesh authorities will be linked to the bibs. The review group's problem reports are being emailed to FCLA directly.

Full load review
The full load review began May 21. Betsy reported that there have only been a few problem reports submitted thus far. The Contributed Cataloging Section met May 29 morning to address any questions and concerns about the review. Suzanne said the Acquisitions staff were quite busy with fiscal year-end activities, but, with guidance from Donna Alsbury at FCLA, beginning to review data. The group favored bringing in donuts and other treats to spur staff to action.

Betsy pointed out that the records tagged in NERCICST, including GOBI records and records created by the CM Support Unit, did not migrate to UFProd. Rich offered to look into the possibility of adding these records to UFProd. He also suggested that dummy records might be used for review purposes.

Naomi noted her uncertainty about reporting display problems versus migration problems. Sometimes it is difficult to determine if an oddity is the result of a display or migration issue. Rich encouraged us to report both types of problems.

Status of training activities
The training groups are continuing to meet, but curriculum development is on hold as we wait for further configuration of the system.

Jimmie reported that two training sessions were held in April to introduce cataloging staff to CatME, OCLC's cataloging software. CatME should prove to be useful not only during the NOTIS freeze, but also afterward as an alternative to cataloging directly in Aleph.

FCLA trip to Boston
In late April FCLA staff visited Aleph institutions in Boston - Harvard, MIT, and Boston College - as well as the Ex Libris office. Daniel reported that their meetings were very productive. Discussions made clear that institutions regularly STP in spite of not having optimal functionality in place. For example, the reporting mechanisms need further development.

Daniel has tested real time loading from Connexion and CatME to Aleph. The batch loaders will be tested in the coming months.

NAAUG Annual Meeting
Martha, Michele, and Betsy will attend the NAAUG (North American Aleph Users Group) Annual Meeting May 31-June 2 in Iowa.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 3, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.


  • Complete authority review (Nancy, etc.)
  • Complete full dataload review (All)
  • Continue to address training related issues (training groups)

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, June 19, 2003


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