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RS Migration Group Minutes

July 31, 2002

Test data load timeline
Betsy reported that FCLA has not announced a date for the first test data load yet. Prior information indicated that the first load would take place no sooner than August 1. Per an e-mail to Betsy dated 7/31/02, Lydia stated, "I've been pushing for exact dates, but until we get a bit further with the programming I don't think we can set them. I think that it's highly unlikely that it will be before mid-August."

Training and documentation
FCLA plans to conduct data conversion review training. It will be scheduled after the first test data load date is established. Lydia has been working on documentation to support the review.

Betsy shared the newest version of NOTIS/OCLC/MARC21 Bibliographic Record Fixed Field Equivalents -, which now provides links to MARC21 Leader and 008 data. Betsy is working on a guide to assist with the data load review. A draft that, thus far, explains how NOTIS fixed field information is recorded in ALEPH was distributed:
Data load guide

The group discussed the data load review spreadsheet available in the Outlook Public Folders/RS LMS Migration Project. Betsy reported that we have not received specific feedback from FCLA about the search strings the group created, other than a comment from Lydia that Gerald Snyder has looked at them and expressed no immediate objections. FCLA plans to finalize strategies for using them soon.

Betsy and Jimmie met to analyze test load reviewing responsibilities for the Science Cataloging Unit and updated the spreadsheet. Other areas are listing one reviewer coordinator on the spreadsheet (e.g., B. Gunderson, C. Mook) who will arrange reviewing responsibilities with their staff.

Items can still be tagged for the test record file. The word "late" should be included in the 035 after the smp code. Betsy and/or Phek will add these records to the spreadsheet, removing the word "late" when they do.

Lydia asked if UF can provide other Phase 1 libraries with the program used to create the spreadsheet. Phek is looking into this.

Test data load review report form
The group gave feedback for improving the newly developed test data load review report form. A few changes were suggested. The form is linked from the RS Migration Group Web site - A big thanks goes to Rich Bennett for his help with creating the Web form.

Phek, Jimmie, and Betsy have made plans for an RS OPS worker to input the information reported into the spreadsheet. Greg Allen will post the spreadsheet on the Web and update it regularly during the review period. Rich Bennett created an Outlook mailbox called LMS Report to which the reports will be sent as staff submit their completed Web forms. A small group of staff have been given authorization to access the mailbox.

Betsy encouraged group members to be thinking about developing some type of checklist for staff in their area who will be reviewing the migration of the test records.

Due to the uncertainty of the timing of the first test data load, the group decided to schedule the next meeting for Thursday, September 19, with the understanding that a meeting will be called sooner if necessary.

Monitor test load progress (All)
Develop documentation (training, checklists) to support data load review (All)
Update spreadsheet as needed (Betsy/Phek)

Betsy SimpsonAugust 26, 2002


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