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RS Preliminary LMS Migration Planning Group Minutes

September 19, 2002

We were glad to have Lily Nguyen join us for the first time! We welcomed back Dot from her phase-off period!

FCLA training sessions
Twenty five staff attended data review training sessions held at FCLA on Tuesday, September 17 and Wednesday, September 18. The sessions were very well received. Participants felt they were useful and a good lead-in to the two week data review period. Data reviewers who did not attend the sessions at FCLA were trained in-house.

Reporting problems
The group decided that a Web site should be created for notifying staff of known problems that no longer need to be reported individually on the Test Data Load Review Report Form. Betsy agreed to create the Web site and get it posted. The following items were presented for adding to the site:

  • 866 and 899 fields did not migrate in subset load 1 as expected
  • Provisional records did not convert to MARC tags in subset load 1 as expected
  • Copy holdings notes display in Web OPAC
  • Canned message codes display in Web OPAC
  • 856 subfields display as continuous hotlink in Web OPAC; anchor text does not mask subfield u

The group also decided that it would be a good idea to have a comments area on the Test Data Load Review Report Form, which Betsy offered to oversee getting done.

A few RS Migration Group members - Michele, Betsy, Jimmie, and possibly others - will review the reported problems for sharing with Rich, who will be responsible for passing them on to FCLA via their Web site -

The group expressed an interest in having an electronic version, preferably a link, to the location mapping spreadsheet. Betsy offered to follow-up with Rich to get it.

FCLA random test records
Betsy explained the difficulties involved with accessing the records randomly selected by FCLA to fill out subset load 1. Gerald stressed the importance of our reviewing a sample of these records because they were randomly selected. He suggested that we find out if we can access them by the ALEPH system numbers, or alternatively, by obtaining a list of the specific NOTIS record numbers included in the group. Betsy agreed to check into this.

Tagging records for subsequent subset loads
The group discussed how we might tag new records for subsequent subset loads as well as add new testing conditions to records already in nercdev1. Betsy offered to follow-up with Lydia Motyka.

Cathy asked if CLARR and other third party software we use now will be configured for use with ALEPH. Martha and others explained that we don't expect to be able to use CLARR after we migrate. ALEPH does provide some of the same functionality we get through CLARR. Betsy reported that at a recent ALA meeting Gary Strawn mentioned that he is working on a generic version of CLARR that could be adapted by system vendors.

Betsy announced that Naomi has the distinct honor of having submitted the first problem report, an honor of such magnitude that it definitely deserves one of the prizes we intend to award after our first data review period is completed. Naomi happened to mention that something chocolate might be an appropriate reward. Other prize ideas should be funnelled to Gerald, who presented the prize concept at our September 10 data reviewers "in the same boat" meeting.

Suzanne recommended that we talk to FCLA about the possibility of their conducting site inspections after we migrate and possibly during data review as well. This would give UF staff an opportunity to talk informally with FCLA staff about our use of ALEPH and allow us to demonstrate problems in our own environment.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 2, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room. October 2 is the last day of the two week review period.

  • Share ideas for prizes with Gerald (All)
  • Create Web site for reported problems (Betsy)
  • [done -]
  • Add comments area to Test Data Load Review Report Form (Betsy)

  • [done -]
  • Talk to Rich about getting electronic access to the location mapping spreadsheet (Betsy)
    [done -]
  • Contact Lydia about the random group of test records (Betsy)
    [done - Gerald Snyder will provide us with a list of NOTIS numbers]
  • Contact Lydia about tagging records for subsequent subset loads (Betsy)
    [done - To add additional records to the test file, tag the record in LTUF production (remember to input the word "late" after the smp code). To note additional test conditions for records already in nercdev1, modify the nercdev1 record (again, remember to add "late" after the smp code).

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, September 25, 2002


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