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RS Preliminary LMS Migration Planning Group Minutes
October 2, 2002

Data review process
The general consensus was that the workflow established for the data review worked well. Rich mentioned that he creates screen shots for the record examples we include in our problem reports before passing on the reports to FCLA. Betsy will begin providing this with our problem reports so that Rich doesn't have to do it.

Subset Load 1
Rich commented that Ex Libris said that due to FCLA's involvement the quality of the data migration is far better than would normally be the case. Overall, the migration of records in Subset Load 1 went very well.

Gerald explained that most of the diacritics are displaying correctly in the GUI Client. However, we do have concerns about the display of diacritics and special characters in the Web OPAC. We're not sure if the faulty display is related to our browsers or, possibly, our Web OPAC set-up. Gerald has been in touch with FCLA to try to resolve the problem.

Upcoming loads
Rich reviewed the timeline for upcoming loads:

Naomi reported that she got abend messages when trying to add new 035/599 tags to the records in nercdev1. Betsy said that Lydia had indicated we would be able to edit records in nercdev1 for this particular purpose, although we're not supposed to edit the records in any other way. Rich is going to look into this for us. In the meantime, Betsy asked that this information be sent to her for forwarding to Rich.

GUI Client indexes
Betsy reported that, according to Martha, the GUI Client indexes will be based on the OPAC indexes. We expect to be able to recommend additional indexes for the GUI Client at some point. Martha plans to discuss the GUI Client indexes with the TSPC. Possibly a separate SUL subcommittee will be created to address this.

Holdings/Item display
The group spoke about the difficulties with ALEPH items not displaying under the appropriate holdings data. Betsy said that in a recent e-mail Mary Ann had given a tip about a way to configure the item index display:

Piece count
Responding to a question we raised in our first problem report for Subset Load 1 regarding where we should look for the piece count in ALEPH, FCLA sent an e-mail to the Phase 1 Project Coordinators asking if their institutions endorse the migration of the piece count to the Circ Note area of the ALEPH Item Record. This will cause a pop-up message to display at check-in or check-out. The Circ Note is a free text field, so the potential exists for adding text to the piece number in future cataloging. The group supported having the piece count migrate to the Circ Note.

Lack of item records
A question arose about the public display of records that lack items. One of our problem reports indicated that sometimes the Web OPAC Standard Format displays "The library does not have accessible items". We suspect this might be due to the lack of item records for those titles (e.g., AJA0994, AJY2949, ANT8504). It was noted that ALEPH migration may need to create an item record for NOTIS titles that lack items. [Checking the examples above in ALEPH 10/09/02, the message no longer displays.]

Z'd copies
Nancy recommended that the group discuss the migration of Z'd copies at our next meeting, which elicited a few comments. Cathy reminded us that Preservation creates Z'd copy lines for their print master and camera master holdings. Michele and Naomi pointed out that Z'd copies contain information about the disposition of gifts as well as information about defunct electronic links. Staff use copies are often on Z'd copy lines. For these reasons and others we might opt to have Z'd copies migrate. Nancy suggested the possibility of coding the ALEPH holdings records as suppressed as a way of preventing this kind of information from displaying to the public, but at this point we don't know how that may be accomplished.

Jimmie offered to organize a party to celebrate the end of the Subset Load 1 data review. Gerald will award prizes at the gathering.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 7, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.

Tasks: Betsy Simpson October 9, 2002


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