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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes
October 14, 2004


Training activities
Acquisitions review class
Michele and Suzanne led two classes for Collection Managers and Reference staff on September 15 and 16.  No date has been set for a class for catalogers.

Michele announced that Jack Waters will be conducting a class related to Aleph and PeopleSoft accounting activities.

Class for Circulation staff
Betsy reported that Doug Smith, Doug Kiker, and Jorge Gonzalez are still planning the class for Circulation staff.  Doug S. sent an e-mail to branch managers on October 12 asking for suggestions for class topics.

Macro Express
Julia announced that she and Jason Fleming had more attendees than expected at the Macro Express training session on October 5.  Reaction to the class was very positive, and there are plans to offer the class again.

Cataloging Trainers Group

Betsy reported that the Cataloging Trainers Group is no longer meeting.  The group will continue to vet issues via its e-mail list and disseminate information via the Aleph Catalogers list.  The newly formed Cataloging and Metadata Department Training Committee will maintain an awareness of training needs systemwide and facilitate appropriate programming.

Acquisitions migration

Michele described difficulties in migrating invoice data to PeopleSoft.  In order to make payments, information currently has to be rekeyed.


Rich explained that the recent Aleph service pack installation included some changes to the permissions setup.  Rich has been communicating with Daniel re. documenting the client functions controlled by FCLA.  He expects to have revised permissions worksheets ready by the week of October 18 for Acquisitions and Cataloging to review, then test in Prod.  This work will dovetail with the Systems Department efforts to establish permission profiles for functional areas covering Aleph, PeopleSoft, and networking privileges.

Bill Kuntz is handling HSCL permissions and training Daniel Crisman at Law. 

Rich said a future version of Aleph will include a permissions module.

Client upgrade

Rich reminded the group that client upgrades wipe out personal preferences.  Not all service pack updates require a client upgrade.

STP checklists

The LMS Steering Committee is in the process of scheduling a meeting with FCLA to review the STP checklists.  Neither Martha nor Rich know the status of the acceptance testing.  Our understanding is that UF will be expected to sign off on the functional areas.

Per Julia FCLA is investigating adding an item overlay option to GenLoad.

Julia cautioned that e-mailed orders need to have the language code set to English for international vendors.

Cecilia announced that HSCL has successfully run claim reports, and she offered to send instructions.


The next meeting, is scheduled for Thursday, December 9, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.



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