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RS Migration Group Minutes

December 4, 2003

Meeting schedule
Betsy suggested that the group set up a recurring meeting schedule since the Library East Conference Room will be even more heavily used after Library West closes. The group agreed so Betsy will follow-up [beginning in February the group will meet the 2nd Thursday of the month].

12/4/03 FCLA/LMS Steering Committee meeting
Betsy announced that the LMS Steering Committee would be meeting with FCLA in the afternoon and the migration group should share questions and comments for passing on to FCLA. During the subsequent discussion, it was suggested that the LMS Steering Committee members check on the status or make a request re. the following:

  • testing loaders
  • 049 draft
  • GenLoad
  • label printing
  • customization of UF Prod Web OPAC
  • Web OPAC display of Z’d items
  • upcoming load schedule
  • need for additional records in UF Test
  • customization of Check Record feature

Data review
The Full Load 2 review began November 17. The Aleph data reviewers were given a deadline of December 12 to submit problem reports. Betsy said that there have been relatively few reports submitted thus far. Twelve have been contributed to FCLA’s problem report database. Two problems - extra admin records and jumbled MARC tags - have been fixed. Betsy will send a reminder to staff on December 8 that the deadline is approaching.

Michele said that, for the most part, acquisitions data has migrated well. The protocol for migrating titles as standing orders vs. serials seems to be working. Titles are migrated as serials if there is an MHLD and an order record with the SCOPE field coded 2. Staff have discovered that the presence or absence of items does not affect this migration. The Acquisitions review has been somewhat hampered by the fact that staff cannot open certain records in UF Prod (e.g., subscription records). No Acquisitions problem reports have been sent to FCLA yet. Michele commented that Acquisitions staff have been primarily focussed on workflow testing in UF Test.

Betsy referred the group to the Known Issues document for Full Load 2:

Known Issues for Full Load 2

Client customization
Michele reported no updates since the last report (see <>).

A small group of cataloging trainers met with Daniel Cromwell on November 22 to discuss various customization issues. Betsy said she would forward the email summarizing that meeting to the group:

Link to Client Customization email thread

Rich apologized for the lack of follow-up after the FCLA training re. permissions, printing, and reports and said that he will be working with the other participants - Will, Winston, and Julia - to formalize plans for training staff. Rich said that the group should be thinking about which reports need to be run on a routine basis.

Cathy reported that Daniel and Jennifer Kuntz from FCLA visited Preservation in late November to discuss the Preservation workflow and potential use of Item Processing Statuses and/or pseudo-patron records. It appears that the Reprographics Unit will be able to incorporate Item Processing Statuses into the workflow, but that the Binding Unit may need to continue to use pseudo-patron records. Cathy mentioned an email re. testing various scenarios, which she said she would forward to the group:

Link to ALEPH Demo email thread

Rich will organize a group to finalize the customization of the Item Processing Statuses [meeting took place 12/15/03].

At the upcoming Cataloging Trainers Group meeting on December 11, trainers will demo the scripts for the introductory and intermediate cataloging classes.

Acquisitions staff are continuing to test workflow in preparation for developing training documentation.

Cecilia asked about the status of the proposed Technical Services Lite class, which would provide all staff with an elementary introduction to selected cataloging, acquisitions, and circulation functions. Betsy said that Michele and Lori agree with the concept, but neither Acquisitions nor Circulation is ready yet to discuss details. Michele explained that Acquisitions needs more time to test workflow and understand the process for generating reports. Access Services is, of course, preoccupied with Library West closing concerns.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 14, 10:00-11:30, Library East Conference Room.

Complete Full Load 2 review (All)
Continue to test workflow (All)
Develop training curriculums (training groups)
Participate in discussions and meetings re. Aleph reports (tbd)
Participate in discussions and meetings re. Item Processing Statuses (tbd)
Continue work with FCLA to customize client (All)

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson
Last updated: February 3, 2004


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