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RS Preliminary LMS Migration Planning Group Minutes

 September 26, 2001        


Meeting objective:


to review status of projects

to establish plan for selecting test records

to discuss OPS staffing


We were pleased to have Jean Bostwick, Law Library, and Cecilia Botero, Health Science Center Library, join us as new members of our group.


Status of current projects:


          Unlinked Item Records

Lawan shared data on the unlinked item records in the UF Processing Unit collected September 2001:


40,469 total

23,205 or 57% with barcodes

17,264 or 43% without barcodes


Out of the group of 17,264 without barcodes, 5,326 are electronic reserves.  This leaves a total of 11,938 unlinked item records without barcodes which are not electronic reserves.  The Planning Group members agreed that electronic reserve unlinked item records should be migrated.


Unlinked item record data by location:

9787      Science

8819      Education

8344      AFA

7051      Library West

3584      Storage

1208      ILL

1164      Music

474            LAC

34            Journalism

1            Florida History

1            Library Electronic Archives

1            Mead

1            Online-Web


At this stage the Planning Group wants to focus on analyzing two areas of unlinked item records to provide some sort of categorization of the data.  Those areas are 1) unlinked item records without barcodes which are not electronic reserves and 2) unlinked item records for single issue periodicals.  Lawan will also identify whether a large number of  unlinked items were created for periodical bound volumes because the volumes had not previously been barcoded.


Lawan will request that John Hein generate detailed reports for the Health Science Center Library and Law Library unlinked item records.  She will forward the reports to Cecilia and Jean when available for them to analyze.


          Acquisitions Migration Activities

Michele and Suzanne are working on generating an ARROW report which will provide information about non-standard notes on Acquisitions records.  In addition, the Monographs Unit has been collecting specific vendor information and creating vendor records for vendors who have been used more than once who don't have vendor records.  Michele is going to talk with Doug about having the Serials Acquisitions Unit begin to analyze their vendor information as well.


As a next step for addressing Acquisitions related migration activities, Michele plans to contact colleagues at institutions which have migrated or are in the process of migrating to ExLibris.



The Planning Group discussed whether or not withdrawals should be migrated.  Cecilia pointed out that there is really no way to distinguish between suppressed records which provide needed information and those which do not provide any needed information.  The consensus was to migrate all suppressed records and their Z copy line(s).  However, the Planning Group recommends not migrating item records marked "w" or "d" and volume holdings marked "d" on suppressed records.  The Planning Group does not endorse migrating deleted bibliographic records.



Some progress on the diacritic front: Betsy reported that Gerald Snyder, FCLA, is running a report for all 10 library bib files to identify fields with null values.  The report should allow FCLA to look for patterns and target clean-up projects based on specific conditions.


          Bad OCLC Numbers

Lawan asked about the status of correcting the bad OCLC numbers.  [Per a 7/6/01 e-mail from Phek, it looks like Gerald Snyder was going to delete the bad OCLC numbers and replace them with (FU)CARP plus a string of numbers.  The total number of records with bad OCLC numbers is 80,000+ of which a very small percentage are HSCL records.]  Betsy will follow up to see where this stands.


          Semi-colons in call numbers

Jimmie recently discovered our analytic microform set profile generates call numbers with semi-colons for current incoming microform sets.  Betsy reported that Nancy is aware of the situation and plans to discuss it with FCLA.  At the last Planning Group meeting, the general consensus was that problems with semi-colons in call numbers should be able to be handled through programming - see 6/27 meeting minutes


Test File Records:


Betsy distributed a printout of FCLA's Web page Creation of Test Data at, and the Planning Group discussed how to proceed with developing sets of test records.  It was decided that Planning Group members will notify staff in their respective areas about selecting test records and coding them according to FCLA's specifications as follows:


Michele and Suzanne will work with the Monographs Unit and Serials Acquisitions Unit to identify test order records.  The Planning Group decided it would be beneficial to standardize the terminology recorded in the 035 for test order records.  Michele will share that information with the Health Science Center Library and Law Library.  Michele and Suzanne plan to talk to FCLA about how to code vendor and fundcode records selected for testing.


Naomi will work with the Serials Cataloging Unit to identify test bib, holdings, and item records.


Jimmie and Betsy will work with the Contributed Cataloging Section and Copy Cataloging Unit to identify test bib, holdings, and item records.


Betsy will consult with Nancy regarding authority record testing. 


Cecilia and Jean will work with staff in their libraries to identify test records.


Betsy shared the spreadsheets created to document the test records.  The Planning Group decided that the spreadsheets are unnecessary now that FCLA has developed a method for indexing test records in the database.


OPS Staffing:


Betsy announced that two students are being hired to assist with migration related work.  She encouraged Planning Group members to utilize their help as needed.


Our next meeting will be scheduled for late October/early November.




          Provide analysis of unlinked item records without barcodes which are not electronic reserves (Lawan)

          Provide analysis of unlinked item records for single issue periodicals (Lawan)

          Begin to meet with locations to discuss issue of unlinked item records (Lawan, Betsy)

          Request and share reports on unlinked item records at Health Science Center Library and Law Library (Lawan)

          Continue efforts to review non-standard notes on Acquisitions records (Michele, Suzanne)

          Continue collecting vendor information and creating vendor records for vendors who don't have vendor records (Suzanne and Monographs Unit)

          Begin reviewing Serials Acquisitions vendor information (Michele will talk to Doug)

          Contact colleagues at institutions using ExLibris to inquire about Acquisitions related migration activities (Michele)

          Oversee work with FCLA to clean-up diacritic problems (Nancy)

          Check on status of bad OCLC number clean-up project (Betsy)

          Enlist staff help in selecting and coding test records (All)

          Inquire at FCLA about coding test vendor and fundcode records (Michele, Suzanne)

          Create and share standardized terminology for the 035 for test order records (Michele, Suzanne)

          Consult with Nancy regarding authority record testing (Betsy)

          Coordinate activities of students hired to help with migration (Betsy)


Prepared by: Betsy Simpson September 26, 2001


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