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Training Committee Minutes - September 8, 2005

Report on 5th meeting of the Cataloging and Metadata Department Training Committee

Monday, September 8, 2005

Members present: Jackie Brown, Doug Smith, Susan Constatineau, Jorge Gonzalez


The group lost two members: Marcia Alden and Julia Allen. Susan Constantineau joins the group.


The group discussed how to handle training opportunities as they arise. Should training needs and concerns be directed to the committee before an individual member?


Jackie Brown is going to review and amend any training steps and materials from the NOTIS era that can be adapted to or applied to new procedures and may also be added to Alephpro.


The group also discussed how to manage, formalize and organize roundtables, mini-workshops and other training demos and tips.


Jackie Brown also brought up a better coordinated effort in the treatment of shared materials more along the lines of what the Copy Cataloging Section is doing. She suggested with Doug’s help we can document and make more uniform treatment of “as-is” materials and list what exceptions require more work and attention no matter the format.


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