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Training Committee Minutes - January 25, 2006

Report on 4th meeting of the Cataloging and Metadata Department Training Committee

Monday, January 25, 2005

Members present: Jackie Brown, Doug Smith, Julia Allen, Marcia Alden, Jorge Gonzalez


Group met to re-discuss regarding Connexion training. Most assignments were re-visited and new issues addressed.


Marcia reported the scheduled dates for the training sessions: March 1, and Julia will be working with Denise making sure that all computers in the Marston 308  lab will have Connexion (v. 1.20) installed. Some group members are planning to go over Friday morning, Jan. 28 to help install.


Jackie and Jorge worked on Jackie’s draft copy for Connexion training. The document was passed out for the rest of the group to review. Doug will concentrate on the search capabilities of Connexion.


Jorge will be working on an introductory email blurb for the training session with caveats and is going to ask Trudi about scheduling people for the different dates.


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