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Training Committe Minutes

January 30, 2007

Members present: Jackie Brown, Susan Constatineau, Jason Fleming, Jorge Gonzalez


The committee met to discuss Aleph 18, Endeca and any other training issues the members had encountered since our last meeting on October 3, 2006.


Since that meeting Betsy Simpson provided us with links to documentation on Aleph version 16.  We were also provided with a look only version of Aleph 18 to download.  The documentation for Aleph 16 is quite long and we will work on reviewing it as time permits.


We have also taken a look at Endeca and some have done the tutorial. It looks like a good research tool and seems a promising alternative for finding like items in cataloging. The committee feels a simple presentation when it becomes fully available would be a good idea.


The committee tabled the PALMM cataloging instructional session since most of the LTQF records have been completed. There will, however, be a need for future instruction post LTQF.


Jason Fleming announced the making of a new training room in Suzie Covey's old office. The committee thought this to be an excellent idea since informal one on one training is usually done at someone’s desk and is a disruption for others in the area.


The group will continue to explore documentation for the Aleph upgrade. We will also continue to answer questions and help others wherever the need arises.



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