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Training Committee Minutes - February 9, 2006

Report on 6th meeting of the Cataloging and Metadata Department Training Committee

Monday, February 9, 2006

Members present: Jackie Brown, Doug Smith, Jason Fleming, Susan Constatineau, Jorge Gonzalez

Also attending: Tatiana Barr


After Julia Allen’s departure, the group welcomes Jason Fleming as ex-officio member.


The group had Tatiana Barr talk about an open forum on RDA she attended. She wanted to talk to the Training Committee about RDA, where it’s at, and maybe discuss the timing of bringing it up to the catalogers as it progresses. Whether it’s a good idea or not, etc.  She brought some handouts which gave us an idea of what I had in mind. She communicated some of the information and explanation of what is taking shape and how the committee can help in making it useful to help people transition to it, discover issues around it, etc.


Doug Smith will be talking to Steve Fuquay about doing a presentation/training session on LKR’s in Aleph.


The group continues to brainstorm on finding a way to initiate, schedule, streamline training sessions for new staff to Aleph. The idea is to formalize the procedure and lessen a heavy reliance on any particular member of the committee.


Regarding training responsibilities , Jackie trained Susan Lupi from Special Collections on Aleph and Connexion cataloging a day before the meeting; and Jorge worked with Jossie Garcia OPS stuff from Acquisitions on learning searching Aleph and retrieving records from Connexion.


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