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Training Committe Minutes

October 3, 2006

Members present: Jackie Brown, Susan Constatineau, Jason Fleming, Jorge Gonzalez, Doug Smith.


The main purpose of this meeting was to talk about Aleph 18. Doug and Jackie both viewed a tutorial by Barbara Rad-El, Sales Support Manager from Ex-Libris. The tutorial addressed the new enhancements to Aleph 18 which include improvements for moving items and holdings, support of 13 digit ISBN, support of 5 character CJK, as well as  many other enhancements for acquisitions, circulation and cataloging. The look of Aleph changed with version 16, therefore, the tutorial did not address the new way of navigating the system. Although the Training Committee members have done some exploring on their own, we feel that we need more documentation to truly get a feel for the way the system behaves. Betsy Simpson will let us know where we might find this information. The Committee agreed to explore this further before demonstrating anything to the department.


There have been some questions regarding Database cataloging and the Committee discussed the possibility of holding a sharing session on Database cataloging. George suggested that Palmm cataloging should also be included. Many of us were unaware that the LTQF records were being loaded into Aleph and have questions  whether our newly created record  should be loaded directly into Aleph. We decided to speak with Priscilla Williams and Haiyun Cao about the Palmm project and to Jimmie Lundgren about Database cataloging with the possibility of a sharing session if needed.


Doug Smith and Jason Fleming brought up the new Web Opac interface, Endeca and we need to explore further any impact this might have on the department staff.


We briefly discussed procedures in Alephpro. Catpro has been archived and someone recently needed the Donald Abraham procedure. Doug reminded us that Jason created a Macro for adding the 590 to the record and how to view other available macros.


Jorge agreed to give instruction for creating quick keys and text strings in Connexion for anyone who would like them. We will let the Department know this at the next meeting.


The group will continue to explore Aleph 18 in preparation for training of staff.



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