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Training Committe minutes November 15, 2004

Report on 2nd meeting of the Cataloging and Metadata Department Training Committee

Monday, November 15, 2004

Members present: Jackie Brown, Julia Allen, Marcia Alden, Jorge Gonzalez (chair)

Absent: Doug Smith



Discussion started around installation of the new version of Connexion. Some of the Copy Cataloging Unit’s utilization of database was discussed in Doug’s absence. We each took turns relating our limited experience so far and of ventures into the tutorial. It is well known that time is of the essence (regarding end of CatMe and full implementation of Connexion) and most of our energies is focused on getting Connexion training off the ground; the next two weeks are crucial. We feel strongly that working on this feat will take a great percentage of our time to successfully accomplish and will take precedence over a number of other discussed items.


The 2 major items discussed:



Subcommittee was formed (Doug; in charge - assisted by Jackie B. and Jorge). We will meet early next week to review Doug’s documentation on Connexion and develop a game plan (set up classes, identify those who will receive training, etc.) to discuss with the rest of the Training Committee a week later. We hope to recruit the help of Jean Bostwick from Law Library who has extensive knowledge of Connexion to help us out.


Catalogers Desktop

The committee is prepared to facilitate a Librarian (we recommend Tatiana Barr, but are open to work with whomever takes up the task) to introduce staff to the use of Cataloger’s Desktop. We feel strongly that a Librarian is ideal for this presentation because he/she would posses the succinct knowledge and educational background of the esoteric subject matter supplemented with the work experience of the resources (such as:  AACR2, LCRI, MARC 21) available.



Most other topics were tabled for future discussion due to imminent discussion on Connexion training..


Next subcommittee meeting, Monday, November 22, 2:30pm

Next committee meeting, Tuesday, November 30, 3:00pm


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