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Training Committe Minutes - November 30, 2004

Report on 3rd meeting of the Cataloging and Metadata Department Training Committee

Monday, November 30, 2004

Members present: Jackie Brown, Doug Smith, Julia Allen, Marcia Alden, Jorge Gonzalez


Group met to go over discussions regarding Connexion training. Most assignments were finalized and different committee members were delegated different responsibilities.


Doug will be responsible for the introduction and searching aspects of Connexion. Jorge and Jackie will talk about file management and creating originals; they will also work on creating a supplementary document to Doug’s training instructions. All three presenters will discuss some of the differences between CatME and Connexion and also discuss checking headings versus the OCLC database.


Marcia will be working on making the appointments necessary for the dates/times for the computer room. And Julia will contact Denise regarding making sure that all computers in the lab will have Connexion installed.


Jackie suggested that the announcement letter contain link to the tutorial, additional link that compares differerences between the two databases, and an explanation to use Internet Explorer browser over Firefox for compatibility issues.


Julia will be sending out the new RLIN client.


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