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CatME Meeting Minutes

March 25, 2003
Today we developed a general timeline and strategy for making CatMe available to other staff.

1. Greg will work with the other liaisons to enable them to get CatMe loaded and set up on staff computers. Many staff throughout the dept. and some outside the dept. are expected to find uses for CatMe once it is available to them. Time: Early April.

2. We will have a "CatMe 101" presentation led by Jackie Brown. This will be a general introduction and walk-through of searching OCLC using CatMe, probably held in the MSL Conference Room. Time: Mid-April.

3. Then Steve Fuquay will present "CatMe 201" to introduce staff to how to edit records in CatMe and to create original records. Time: the following week, possibly April 21 to avoid conflict with FLA
4. Various units will thus be in a position to determine how they incorporate CatMe in their work prior to the anticipated "Freeze" time. Among the options we will need to nail down very specifically are storage of files of bibliographic records on a local server that can be loaded to by each person doing cataloging and also be accessed by staff who print labels. Greg will help in working through the process of setting up the file(s) on the server with appropriate access, and also help with establishment of any macros that might be needed for label printing.

Much gratitude to Jackie, Steve and Greg for taking on these assignments. The rest of us will be helping as we can and we will all have another meeting April 8 from 9:30-10:30 AM.

Jimmie Lundgren March 26, 2003


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