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OCLC Access Costs Working Group

From: Mary Gay Anderson, Susan Duser, Kim Hunt, Betsy Simpson (Chair), Rita Smith, Jack Waters.

In order to develop the guidelines, we investigated different aspects of our OCLC Internet Access and solicited input from staff regarding their use of the OCLC database and FirstSearch. The resulting guidelines provide staff with a list of cost-containing and cost-reducing measures. We will continue to monitor OCLC access costs during the 1996/97 fiscal year, and modify the guidelines as needed.

Working Group Recommendations:

1. Be prepared and organized before logging on to OCLC.
2. Logoff OCLC when interrupted.
3. Set automatic logoff in Passport for Windows.
4. Use FirstSearch as a cost-free alternative searching tool.

Guidelines for Containing OCLC Access Costs

Last Updated: July 17, 1998


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