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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes
March 8, 2007



Betsy circulated a summary spreadsheet re. NOTIS use based on the responses to the group's e-mail requesting input.  A number of issues are related to items in storage.  Naomi commented that an inventory of storage serials is needed.  Rich suggested that the new storage shelving software might necessitate a thorough inventory of storage material, but Michele said this software has not been purchased yet.  Naomi offered that the version 18 report functionality might make it easier to tackle the storage problems.

Betsy asked for volunteers from other functional areas to continue to review and revise the summary:

Cataloging - Betsy

Acquisitions - Suzanne

Circ - Matthew or Jim (Lori recommended prior to meeting)

ALF - Ben Walker or Dee Hawes recommended (Betsy will check)

Branch - Carol Whitmore recommended (Betsy will check)

Documents - Jody Hewitt

Jan recommended that version 18 training incorporate tips for finding information, whether that be through Aleph or through another method, such as NOTIS Arrow.

Material Type

Raimonda and Bobbie distributed a draft guideline for assigning the Item Record Material Type.  Their survey documented that staff use of BOOK and ISSUE is consistent across the library, but the use of ISSBD varies. 

Suzanne, Naomi, and others pointed out that the following functionality might result in an incorrect material type: saving defaults, clicking X instead of Update, and duplicating items.  Lawan mentioned the need to change BOOK to ISSUE retrospectively.  Naomi responded that this activity will be incorporated into the training for handling serial adds.  Steve pointed out the importance of having all staff on the same page with version 18.

Per a question from Jimmie, Betsy will share the STP migration specs with the group.

Comments were made that the BOOK and ISSUE sorts are not set up correctly.  The BOOK sort lists in reverse chronological or numerical order while the ISSUE sort lists in chronological or numerical order.  Betsy will investigate and report to FCLA.

Aleph Version 18

According to Rich, data review should be minimal with the upgrade to version 18.  The primary focus will be on functionality testing.  Ex Libris Checklist After Upgrade (available at is a good resource to consult.  Betsy offered to send the group the locally created STP checklists used by Acquisitions and Cataloging after migration.

Rich explained that the data in the UF Test client for version 18 was captured in November 2006.  It includes the entire catalog.  As a result, it cannot be restored regularly as was the case with the UF Test client for version 15.5.  Rich encouraged the group to utilize the SUL listservs (e.g., CATCLIENT) to communicate with colleagues about issues.  Problems should be reported using FCLA's Report Tracker.  Betsy will handle cataloging reports; Steve will handle acquisitions reports.

Jackie Brown, Naomi, and Betsy shared a training handout they compiled from Ex Libris' What's New in Version ... documentation that highlights key cataloging-related changes.  Jackie had planned to create a handout with keyboard equivalents but found that the version 18 Aleph Help provides easy access to this information by searching "working without a mouse" (Working with a Mouse - General; Acquisitions/Serials; Cataloging; and Circulation).

A training room (LE Room 300B) is available for one-on-one and small group training.

Jan reported that a training task group, facilitated by Matthew Daley and Christine Cogar, was appointed by the Circ Policy Committee.  Per an e-mail from Lori, task-oriented training modules are being developed and will be offered beginning in May.  The task group does not include representatives from Health or Law.


Michele announced that three monitors (17", 19", and 20.5") will be available in the training room (LE Room 300B) for staff to examine on Tuesday, March 13.  Staff are encouraged to try different resolutions and to look at a variety of applications along with Aleph version 18.  Michele assured the group that a decision about monitor size will be made before orders are placed for new staff computers.

ISSN indexing

Jimmie reported that the Web OPAC links from earlier and later titles to the ISSN index are not working.  In addition, she shared feedback from the Science Library that the links, when working, often send users in a circle back to their original record.  The earlier/later links in NCSU's Endeca OPAC take the user to a browse title index, which she recommended for UF's Endeca OPAC.  Jimmie will follow-up with Rich. [Subsequent to the meeting, Jimmie discovered the links were working again; also Rich requested that FCLA point the links to the NNN index, something that has already been set up for the browse ISSN index.]


The next TS/PS/CM meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 19, 10:00-11:30am, MSL 107.  The next TS Aleph meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 10, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.  


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