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TS Aleph Implementation Group Meeting
September 13, 2007


Cathy reported that the library's barcode vendor has gone out of business. She and Lori Driscoll are working on identifying a new vendor. Cathy will check with Facilities re. current supplies before placing the next order.

The group revisited the charge with Michele. Recommendations included highlighting the following tasks: monitor and coordinate new workflows, including those related to digitization; collaborate with the Resource Navigation Committee, Endeca Implementation Task Force, and others to develop and refine the OPACs; and document and oversee data cleanup.

There was some thinking that it would be beneficial to have standing updates from members who serve on outside groups - Jimmie, Resource Navigation Committee; Jason, Endeca Implementation Task Force; and Jan and Matthew, Public Services Council.

Michele will draft a new charge and group name based on the input.

Aleph and Endeca problem reports
Aleph problem reports should continue to be submitted to the functional reps.

Endeca problem reports should be submitted via the Catalog Comment Form (accessed at the top of the UF Endeca OPAC "Provide Comments" link). Submissions go to Tom Minton, who forwards them to the Resource Navigation Group. Jason offered to share the messages with the TS Aleph Implementation Group.

Matthew stressed the need for improved communication from FCLA about changes. He cited a recent problem - loans being out of date due order - as a point in case. Instructional documentation was written based on FCLA's notification that this problem would not be fixed quickly, then when FCLA was able to fix it quickly, the library was not given any advance warning. Acknowledging that there may be times when changes need to happen without much or any notice, Rich pointed out that it would be generally desirable if FCLA could allow for a testing period, even if short in duration, with an implementation date.

Jason and Rich will meet with Leilani to talk about the issues with reporting Endeca problems and communicating these problems and resolutions to the library.

Proposed Joint Meeting
Nancy Cunningham, chair of the SUL OPAC Subcommittee, has sent forward a proposal to CSUL that a joint meeting of OPAC Subcommittee and TSPC members (and other invitees) be held "to create a strategic vision for our OPAC and develop broad goals toward its development." The meeting is tentatively scheduled for January 2008 pending CSUL approval.

LTQF (PALMM) records

FCLA has begun to include LTQF records in the Endeca OPAC. As a result, the 13,000+ records CatMet loaded into the Aleph OPAC are now duplicated in Endeca. Betsy reported that it would take CatMet approximately 2-3 days to remove the LTQF records and eliminate the duplication. Jimmie pointed out that, unlike with Endeca, the records are accessible via browse searching in the Aleph OPAC.

Table of Contents
UF's purchased table of contents is not searchable in Endeca. FCLA is working to correct the problem. [9/17/07 FCLA reports that the table of contents are searchable via Anywhere and Title indexes.]

Serial display
Rich reported that the Endeca item display for titles with 300+ item records defaults to the oldest 300 items. It is possible to click to display all items, although the link is not prominent. FCLA is working on the problem.

Betsy announced that FCLA is planning to set up TSPC's revision of the browse indexes in Dev18 for the SUL to review.

10/11/07 Cross-Divisional Meeting
Ideas for topics for the 10/11/07 Cross-Divisional Meeting discussed by the group include the duplication of PALMM records in the catalog and reporting Endeca problems. Naomi suggested that the meeting might provide an opportunity for public service librarians to describe issues with Endeca they have discovered.

Aleph version 15
Rich will notify Systems Liaisons to remove Aleph version 15 clients from staff workstations.


The next Cross-Divisional meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 11, 10:00-11:30am, Smathers Room 1A.  The next TS Aleph Implementation Group meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 8, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.



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