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RS Preliminary LMS Migration Planning Group Minutes


January 10, 2002


Meeting objective:


--to talk about next steps now that we've signed the contract with ExLibris

--to review status of current tasks as defined at 11/29/01 meeting

--to share information about other migration related activities underway


Thanks to Martha who attended the meeting, updated us on LMS news, and gave input to our discussion.


Implementation schedule

Martha explained that she is the UF representative on the ALEPH Steering Committee, which includes the SUS and community colleges.  The Steering Committee will address LMS "metalevel" issues, such as coming to a consensus on the use of various codes (e.g., location, borrowing status, item processing status) as well as a basic default search and display constants.  Martha described that ALEPH allows for the creation of codes for virtual subsets of the catalog, which are referred to as logical base codes (e.g., electronic resources, serials).


A local ALEPH Steering Committee has also been formed, which Rich Bennett, UF Project Coordinator, will chair.


Library-wide training on ALEPH will take place in spring 2003, after version 15.2 is introduced early in 2003.


Test file

Betsy announced that the test record file almost doubled since the 11/29 meeting.  As of January 10, there were 720 records - approximately 92% UF (includes various processing units), 6% Law, and 2% HSCL.  [Checking after the meeting, the nercicst LTUF test record file had 6 records, all of which are duplicated in the LTUF production region.]  The index included records tagged as follows: smp 1, smpa 22, smpall 68, smpb 325, smph 240, smpi 10, and smpo 54. 


Unit members in Contributed Cataloging were assigned types of records to add to the test file.  Tatiana contacted Special Collections staff to inform them of our efforts to identify records to test.  In addition, she spoke to CM Steers about the process.  Priscilla met with Documents staff, and they have been notifying her about records to add to the file.  Finally, Jimmie spoke with Science Library staff and Kim Hunt at Coastal Engineering.  She received a long list of records for the test file from Denise Bennett.


Unlinked item records

Lawan reported that Tim is reviewing the Item ID Not Reserve unlinked item records and consulting with staff in Science, Education, and Documents. 


Lori Driscoll has given approval for Database Maintenance to delete the No Item ID unlinked item records held in Storage.


Lawan and Betsy met with Ann Lindell and Tom Caswell at AFA about their unlinked item records.  Lawan provided them with a list of all their unlinked item records, including items on Reserve, and asked them to review the list and delete as appropriate.  Lawan also encouraged them to standardize their method for inputting information into unlinked item records in preparation for migration.


The Reserve Item ID unlinked item records need to be reviewed by the owning locations.  Lawan will provide them with data to make decisions about deletions.


October - December, 2001 17,226 unlinked item records were deleted from a total of 82,434 bringing the total number of unlinked item records in early January to 65,208 -- a 21% decrease!


Martha mentioned that ALEPH allows for suppression of unlinked item records.  They could be in a separate database if desired.  


Acquisition records

Suzanne reactivated the existing dummy Acquisitions records.  She plans to load a Yankee file and provisional records into the test region. 


Kerstin is creating direct vendor records for serials, and Suzanne is handling this for monographs.  There are plans to include direct vendor records in the test region.


Michele has been reviewing standing orders and will continue running ARROW reports to identify areas needing attention.


Naomi reported that Serials Cataloging has been busy working on clean-up activities, such as suppressed records with active item records and records with semi-colon call numbers, which typically have other problems.



Lawan plans to categorize records with URLs to assess the need for migration work in this area.


OPS staffing

Betsy reported that the two students hired to help with migration activities, Andrea Chavez and Ritesh Chaube, have been a tremendous help.  Ritesh is available to take on new migration work.


The next meeting was scheduled for late February.



Tag test records (All)

Review inventory and smp index to identify tagging needs (All)

Continue clean-up activities (All)

Involve CM Support Unit in efforts to identify test records for tagging in test region (Suzanne)

Inventory acquisitions process for all areas, including those out of mainstream, e.g., Special Collections, Maps to assess migration needs (Michele, Suzanne)

Tag open order records, Yankee file, and provisional records in test region (Michele, Suzanne)

Continue to create records for direct vendors (Michele, Suzanne)

Continue to identify trouble spots (Nancy, Dot)

Continue to supervise student work with null values (Nancy)

Continue to review Item ID Not Reserve unlinked item records (Lawan)

Analyze group of 387 No Item ID unlinked item records (Lawan)

Begin to prepare reports of Reserve Item ID unlinked item records for locations (Lawan)

Categorize records with URLs (Lawan)


Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, January 10, 2002


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