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RS Migration Group Minutes

January 30, 2003

We were glad to have Priscilla Williams and Mary Gay Anderson (filling in for Jan Swanbeck) join us!

Information gathered at ALA Midwinter
Priscilla and Naomi met with two Harvard University colleagues - Helen Schmierer, Bibliographic Analyst, Office for Information Systems and Lynda Kresge, Associate Head of Library Technical Services and distributed a synopsis of their discussion: Authorities in ALEPH.

Among other things, Helen and Lynda mentioned that Harvard experienced problems with item records being dragged/dropped inappropriately. The lack of an OWN field on the item records was cited as making it impossible to restrict this functionality to selected staff. As a result, Harvard had to "turn off" this function.

Naomi commented that Helen and Lynda also reminded us that productivity will suffer. Jimmie said she also heard that the cataloging process will slow down from a colleague at University of California at San Diego.

Martha asked if CONSER talked about predictive check-in at Midwinter, but Naomi reported that this wasn't covered. Mary Gay expressed concern about predictive check-in for documents. For some depository items, they can only claim off their shipping lists. Naomi said it is her understanding that predictive check-in can be set up selectively.

The migration group would like to hear more from FCLA about how we are going to test functionality with the system, such as the dragging/dropping, importing individual records, real-time export, etc.

Acquisitions data review for Subset Load 3
On January 21, FCLA notified us that we could begin reviewing the Subset Load 3 dataload, but only Acquisitions data. Suzanne reported that the review is underway. At this early stage, it looks like the data is migrating well. Some information that is transferring to notes field will have to be copy/pasted elsewhere after we migrate, but this was not unexpected. Betsy distributed a spreadsheet showing the problems reported to date.

FCLA did not give a specific deadline for the review of the Subset Load 3 Acquisitions data.

During the course of this conversation, Barbara mentioned that the CM Support Unit is going ahead and creating provisionals for FY04 order requests and adding an 035 for easy retrieval.

Acquisitions GUI training
A number of migration group members - Suzanne, Barbara, Lily, Cecilia, Michele - participated in the Acquisitions GUI training held on January 15. Overall, they thought the training went well and provided new, helpful information re. which modules to use, how to move around in the various modules, etc. The migration group observed that it is probably easier for staff with limited NOTIS experience to use ALEPH than it is for those who have lived with NOTIS for a long time and have become very comfortable using it.

Martha emphasized that our train-the-trainers will need to tailor the ExLibris presentations to our environment when conducting training sessions with staff.

Z'd copies
Betsy referred to a recent e-mail sent to the migration group concerning a January 16 meeting at FCLA in which Mary Ann confirmed that FCLA should be able to migrate Z'd copies to ALEPH Holdings with STA SUPPRESSED. We will be able to view all holdings associated with a bib, including suppressed holdings, in the GUI Client. We will be able to search for suppressed bibs the same way we search for displayed bibs, then retrieve associated holdings.

Class codes
Betsy also referred to a January 13 e-mail to Mary Ann, cc'd to the migration group, informing her how we would like the various class codes to migrate. We asked that class code X convert to HOL 852 1st indicator blank. We also suggested the possibility of converting selected O and Y class codes to HOL 852 1st indicator 7 $2.

Activities during NOTIS freeze
Betsy reported that a small group of staff met on January 23 to begin discussing possible workflows during the NOTIS freeze. Michele, Phek, Betsy, Jimmie as well as Nelda, Bobby Parker, Priscilla, and Lori Driscoll attended. The group explored the possibility of encoding the 049 field with location and barcode information when cataloging in OCLC to facilitate the automatic generation of holdings and items records when files are loaded into ALEPH after migration. Whether or not unlinked item records could be created to allow for patron check-out was discussed at some length.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 20, 10:00-11:00am, Library West Conference Room.

Review Acquisitions data in Subset Load 3 (Michele, Suzanne, etc.)
Be prepared for notification of further dataload review for Subset Load 3 (All)
Continue to investigate freeze activities (Betsy, Phek, Michele, Jimmie, etc.)
Attend upcoming ExLibris training sessions:
February 11: Cataloging GUI
February 12: Serials GUI
February 18-19: Acquisitions Functional
Develop scheduling for wider staff training (Michele, Betsy)

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, February 12, 2003


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