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RS Migration Group Minutes

February 12, 2004

Subset 5 review
Betsy reported that FCLA expects to release Subset 5 for review on Friday, February 13. A small group of catalogers are going to review all outstanding cataloging related problems as well as revisit problems thought to have been resolved. Michele will be looking at the acquisitions related problems and Cathy will be reviewing as well.

Full load
FCLA started loading the entire database into the UF Reports region (as opposed to Test or Prod) in late January. Rich explained this load is designed to give FCLA a better idea how long the final full load will take. Ex Libris staff have been very involved in working out issues.

Freeze plans
Jimmie reported that a cataloging group had recently been formed to address issues related to cataloging during the freeze. Jimmie, Tatiana, Priscilla, Steve F., Doug S., Betsy, and Julia met February 9 and put in place plans to create procedural documentation and a guideline for non-RS staff. They will also be following up with FCLA about 049 code mapping.

Michele announced that approvals will stop in April. A virtual approval plan process is in development. Those titles selected virtually through GOBI will come shelf ready. YBP will hold the books for delivery in late summer.

Cathy reported that the Serials A Team will finalize freeze plans at their next meeting. Serials check-in will continue during the freeze.

Acquisitions and Serials staff are making progress with class documentation. Per Michele, brief class descriptions will be available soon.

Julia said two Holdings classes are going to be offered. HOL A will provide an introduction to MARC21 Holdings and cover the basics of 85X and 86X pairs. HOL B will be more in-depth and include patterns, clean-up procedures, and Z39.71 information.

Gerald and Betsy described the four cataloging classes in development as follows:

Cat A: Introduction to Bib, Items, and Holdings
Searching and pushing records to the Catalog Module, basic editing of bibliographic records and items, and creating holdings.

Cat B: Intermediate Holdings and Items and Provisional Records
Creating, editing, and suppressing holdings; creating, editing, and deleting items; and creating provisional records from scratch and a template.

Cat C: Advanced Copy Cataloging
Importing OCLC copy, overlaying Aleph records, and a review of all steps required to finish cataloging a record using copy including inputting diacritics and validating.

Cat D: Original Cataloging with CatME
Original cataloging with and without provisionals; cataloging and authority work using CatME; exporting/importing records; loading holdings and items.

Rich announced that Aleph 101 will be offered again, but will not be mandatory except for staff who are new and didn't attend it last spring. An advanced searching class is planned for post-STP.

Work on Tech Services Lite is underway. Cecilia, Michele, Charles, Doug K., and Betsy met February 4 and will meet again in early March. The class will be demo only from screenshots rather than Aleph live and last one hour.

The group discussed the need for delineating prerequisites, creating a naming convention, and providing documentation online. Rich said he had sent a request to Facilities about printing documentation for the classes.

Aleph reports
Per Julia, documentation from the Aleph Reports class she led February 2 is available at Julia is very willing to assist staff with running reports. Rich stressed that FCLA needs parameters for joblist reports (i.e., those reports that need to be run on a routine basis by FCLA).

Macro Express
Julia and Jason Fleming demonstrated Macro Express for selected staff on February 6. Julia will be coordinating a group including Jason, Jorge, Doug S., Greg, and Cathy whose goal is to develop macros to assist with workflow. At this stage a 10 person license to the product has been purchased for the macro-creator group. Eventually all staff whose work involves using the macros will download the program.

OCLC overlay
Betsy reported that, per Daniel, Ex Libris developed a hot fix to address problems associated with overlaying OCLC records via Aleph system number. Although Daniel has yet to have success with it due to problems with testing in FCLA's Aleph Development region, he expects it will work.

Task groups update
HOL Leader and 008 defaults have been forwarded to Daniel for inclusion in the Aleph tables. Julia, Gerald, Jackie B., Naomi, Priscilla, Jimmie, Betsy, and Cecilia met February 11 to discuss local HOL standards for inputting data. Naomi and Jackie B. are reviewing MARC21 documentation. When they have a recommendation in place, the group will meet again.

Per Gerald, customization of the Aleph Validation function (i.e., Check Record) is advancing. He, Jorge, and Beatriz will send their recommendation to catalogers prior to its being forwarded to FCLA.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 11, 10:00-11:30, Library East Conference Room.

Conduct Subset Load 5 review (All)
Continue to test workflow (All)
Develop training curriculums (training groups)
Continue work with FCLA to customize client (All)

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, March 3, 2004


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