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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes
March 9, 2006


EDI invoicing

Michele reported that Acquisitions is still trying to resolve problems related to EDI invoicing for monographs (see 2/9/06 TS Aleph minutes for background) and has been communicating with Harrasowitz about it.  The Monographs Unit Archivist will lead our efforts.

Object codes

Jason said that the Serials Unit is continuing to do clean-up related to object codes.

New Titles

Jason and Betsy explained that the GenLoad enhancement request for an option to add the NEW tag to batchloaded records is not available yet, so to keep the ball rolling, Jason created a macro that added the NEW tag to all the shelf-ready records received in 2006.

Rich announced that he is developing the user interface for the New Titles logical base and will share it with library staff soon.  Lisa Tatum at FCLA is assisting him.  In order for users to have the option of limiting their search to specific timeframes less than one month, further programming will be necessary.  Rich expects that the interface will be ready to go live soon.

Cataloging Statistics

Jason is continuing to enhance the Aleph-generated statistics report with additional data (e.g., Sublibrary, Collection, call number) and present the data in a usable format for the cataloging managers.  The long-range goal is to automatically populate the Acq/Cat stats database each month. 

Betsy said she and Jason have also been working on a way to report out the information required in ARL's Form 1.

Betsy referred to an e-mail she sent the group regarding setting up a holding validation message to add the NEW field.  The message will serve as a prompt to catalogers to run the statistics macro when cataloging is completed.  Recognizing that this change might prove cumbersome for staff working with holdings, particularly serials holdings, the group decided to implement it on a trial basis.

TKR standard

In her capacity as coordinator of the TKR Standard Task Group, Jimmie drew the group's attention to the draft guideline.  The task group will be addressing outstanding issues (e.g., how staff should report new TKRs) and welcomes input. 

Jimmie explained that OCLC overlays do not remove TKRs, however, per Gerald, records loaded via GenLoad do. 

LC Table of Contents links

Jason is in the process of changing Library of Congress records that have 856s with Table of Contents, Publisher Description, Contributor Information, and Sample Text so that the url displays in a 520. This removes the CONNECT NOW message in the Web OPAC results view, which is so annoying to staff and patrons. There's one exception - if there is embedded TOC in addition to the 856 link, then the 856 link is removed from the record.  Ideally, the Table of Contents link would be moved to a 505, but hotlinking the 505 $u actually hotlinks the entire field causing 505s on records without links to display as clickable text.  Maggie Hogue at FCLA is investigating a solution for this problem.  If one is found, then Jason will move the Table of Contents links from the 520 to a 505.  Betsy said she would be sending an e-mail to staff about the change. [Subsequent to the meeting, it was decided that Rich would notify staff.]


Jason reported that he and Lawan have been collaborating to create a master list of urls.  Jason will have numbers to share at the group's next meeting.


Slow indexing continues to affect the speed with which batchloads can be processed by Aleph.  Martha said in early March she sent an e-mail to Dale Canelas and Jim Corey expressing her frustration with the system limitations.  Nancy said she has heard varying opinions from FCLA staff about the indexing issues, which highlights the complexity of the problem and difficulties with determining the root cause(s).  During the 3/8/06 TSPC conference call, no other SUL reported a similar concern.

Both Cecilia and Nelda commented that they have noticed slower indexing within the last two months.  Gerald expressed concern that the slower indexing might be partly the result of his batchloading work and asked group members to notify him when this happens.  He aims to load records at such a pace that indexing is delayed no more than 20 minutes.

The group's discussion led to the following ideas:

Ask FCLA to give high priority to enhancing GenLoad with a date/time load start so staff can load records in off-hours. (Martha)

Solicit input from other Aleph institutions by sending a message to Aleph-NA and contacting Harvard, which may be familiar with the problem. (Betsy)

Discuss various aspects of the problem with FCLA (3/24/06 meeting scheduled for Mary Ann O'Daniel, Priscilla, Nancy, Gerald, and Betsy)

Aleph-NA and ELUNA lists

Betsy and Martha noticed recently that they no longer receive Aleph-NA list messages.  Rich and others commented that staff were probably dropped from the list when our e-mail addresses switched from to  Rich will send the group information about how to subscribe to the Aleph-NA and ELUNA lists.


Betsy relayed recent comments from some Public Service librarians that they resort to using FirstSearch WorldCat to find locally held items.  They find Aleph inconsistent and puzzling at times.  The group noted that WorldCat does not contain all UF holdings.  In addition, drilling down to the catalog from WorldCat can be a deadend because the OCLC number search generated from WorldCat does not match the OCLC number on the catalog record.  Betsy explained this is because OCLC's deduping process merged the record with UF holdings with another record, and, in so doing, transferred the OCLC number matching our catalog record to an 019 field on the selected WorldCat record.  The 019 problem affects many libraries.  Betsy has been in touch with OCLC, which is aware of the problem and working on a fix. 


Rich said he was able to make adjustments to Cathy's permissions so she could view acquisitions data.  All collection managers who requested access to acquisitions data have had their permissions set to allow this.

Interinstitutional access

Rich is collaborating with Dan North at UWF to set up an Aleph guest login to access other SUL data.  Jason and Jean will assist with testing the login, which will allow staff to log on with a special SUL id and search in other SUL clients.  Rich is hopeful that login parameters can be established at UWF, then the coding can be captured and shared with other SUL to avoid having to painstakingly add coding by hand at each institution.


Michele reported that plans are moving forward to purchase Verde, Ex Libris's electronic management system.  The pricing scheme only allows for UF (Smathers, HSCL, and Law) 2 staff licenses and 1 read-only license.  We have asked for 3 additional staff licenses and 2 additional read-only licenses.  Verde is designed to interface with Aleph and SFX, but not until Version 18.  Michele has heard that a lot of manual inputting is needed upfront. 

TS/PS/CM meetings

Betsy asked the group to be thinking about possible topics for the next TS/PS/CM meeting.


The next meeting, scheduled for Thursday, April 13, 10:00-11:30am, MSL 107, will be a TS/PS/CM meeting.  


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