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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes
April 14, 2005

STP anniversary

Betsy suggested the group commemorate STP day - May 10, 2004 (with acknowledgement to Acquisitions, which didn't completely migrate that day) - by going to lunch after the next meeting on May 12.  She will send a meeting e-mail to collect RSVPs. 

Link checking

Julia announced that Winston Harris in Systems created a program for reformatting the link checking file extracted from Aleph.  Julia is experimenting with free link checkers.  Rich commented that there are 230,000 links in the catalog currently.

Cataloging stats

Suzy reported that the Cataloging Stats Task Force has been meeting virtually through LiBBS, the recently implemented library bulletin board.  Figuring a methodology for retrieving a title count seems workable.  Doing the same for volume and unit counts is problematic.  At this point the group is investigating the use of a TKR on the HOL.  FCLA is attempting to create WTK and WSC indexes for UFU60, but has had to contact Ex Libris for help. [Subsequent to the meeting, FCLA completed the indexing and addressed other issues to enable testing the use of the HOL TKR to record counts.]

LCA10 authority file

Per Priscilla, FCLA has reloaded subjects in UFTest and Authorities staff at the migrated SULs are reviewing.  Mary Ann O'Daniel is developing a way to preserve the DELETE authority records.  By summer, it is expected that the subjects in LCA10 Prod will be brought up-to-date, and efforts will shift to name and series authorities.  Nancy, Priscilla, and Gerald are planning a meeting with Mary Ann in the near future.

Marcive loading

Priscilla and Gerald met with Documents staff to strategize about Marcive loading.  Gerald loaded a few records in UFTest, which Documents staff have reviewed and approved.  The Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit will begin to load the records, but it will take some time to load all those accumulated since pre-migration.  For April 2004 alone there are 2,500-3,000 records.  A decision was made not to try to overlay provisionals created by Documents in lieu of an active load schedule.  Documents will clean-up the provisionals manually, possibly with the aid of macros.

Jan announced that GPO is migrating to Aleph.


Rich commented that the new Production server appears to have had no effect on the rate of indexing batchloaded records, which Gerald confirmed.  At the present time Gerald loads approximately 2,000-3,000 records per day.  The group discussed the possibility of increasing the Saturday load in particular because the indexing delays would affect very few staff.  Betsy offered to contact FCLA to find out if this would present any problems.  [Post-meeting FCLA responded positively to the request.]

Invoice loading

Michele reported that Acquisitions is making progress with invoice loading.  EBSCO has been sent a file.  Acquisitions will be setting up specifications for Harrasowitz and Swets soon and the binding vendor later.


Suzy is close to doing some testing and will send draft lists of permissions to Cataloging and Preservation.

Rich said that work continues re. creating access to the other Aleph SULs through the client.  UNF and UF have exchanged user id information, and he has been able to connect to UNF using his UF id, but some data is not viewable.  Rich asked for a volunteer to test whether the data that's viewable is sufficient or if deeper access is needed, and Jean volunteered. 

Macro suite

Julia and Jason are working on the macro suite.  The Serials Acquisitions macros are completed, but the Monograph Acquisitions macros are still in process.  The goal remains to provide a list of aggregated macros by function for staff to install on individual computers.

Logical base

The logical bases were regenned in early April.  No problems have been reported thus far.  Rich explained that regenning the logical bases is not time intensive.  FCLA can do the job on a Sunday morning.  

Rich described efforts related to the Online Resources logical base, which is currently only accessible through the Change Databases link.  He provided FCLA with an improved set of criteria - instead of the inclusion being based on the presence of an http link on the record, updated specs call for excluding links to non-full text sites such as table of contents and publisher pages.  Out of 230,000 links currently in the catalog, 215,000 are targeted for the logical base based on this new criteria.  Rich is planning to wait until the Serials Solutions records are loaded before moving a link to the Online Resources logical base to the top of the library catalog Web site (like the Journals/Serials logical base).  Serials Solutions records have not been requested yet, but Rich expects to do so soon.     

Item record material type

Betsy circulated the comments received about how various areas apply the BOOK, ISSUE, and ISSBD material types in the item record.  The group is interested in maintaining consistent practice, and to that end Betsy offered to doublecheck the following - 1) Does ISSBD material type generate the same sort as ISSUE? and 2) Does the duplicate HOL problem occur when ISSUE and ISSBD are the only material types in an item index?  [The answer to both questions is yes.]

Rich said from a Circulation perspective developing a more detailed list of item record material types for report purposes is a low priority.  He also pointed out that some delineation of the data can be done based on the item status.

Duplicate HOL

Rich announced there is no word yet from FCLA re. a resolution for the duplicate HOL display resulting from the existence of variant material types in an item index.

NAAUG 2005 Annual Meeting

Jim Corey, FCLA Director, will be the facilitator for the Research Libraries breakout session at the upcoming NAAUG meeting in June.  Per Betsy, Jim asked for topic suggestions at the recent FLA SUL Interest Group meeting.  The group suggested the following issues be addressed: local workarounds for large result lists, slowness of indexing and its effect on batchloading processes, need for patches to include all known fixes.

Technology Services/Public Services forum

Jan recommended that another TS/PS forum be held.  The group agreed that this is a good idea.  Possible agenda items to be discussed include: Serials Solutions records, Online Resources logical base, MetaLib, and the status of Web OPAC development.  Martha pointed out that some issues are more appropriate for library-wide discussion at a Library Forum.  

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 12, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.


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