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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes
June 8, 2006


ELUNA meeting

Betsy and Michele described upcoming changes with Versions 18-20.  ELUNA is going to implement a new non-version specific enhancement process whereby all 120 development points will be devoted to a "Targeted Area Development" that cuts across functions (e.g., printing in Aleph).

Betsy also mentioned that Harvard met with Ex Libris during the ELUNA meeting to discuss batchloading limitations due to indexing processes, and she will be following up to find out what they learned.

Michele reported an upcoming change in MetaLib keyword searching. [Jan later clarified that Version 4.0 will allow keyword searching in addition to the current browse search capability.]


A Verde kick-off meeting was held at FCLA on Wednesday, May 24.  Two Ex Libris representatives were present to discuss implementation issues.  A consortial version has not yet been released.

Joint Bibs Task Group

Ed announced that the Joint Bibs Task Group (Ed Hart, Coordinator, Jean Bostwick, Michele Crump, Jimmie Lundgren, and Betsy Simpson) met May 26 to discuss plans for Law and Smathers to share bibs.  Jimmie later met with Jan and Documents staff to brainstorm about loading shared Marcive records, which the task group decided would be a good place to begin.  Ed contacted Shelley Arlen to collaborate re. collection analysis.  Betsy confirmed with Rich that the PUBLIC OWN code permissions provide editing privileges across libraries.  Rich encouraged the task group to touch bases with FCLA about its activities.

In-Process Requests Task Group

Doug said the task group is closer to finalizing an improved interface for rush requests in time for the start of the fall semester. 

New Titles

The New Titles logical base will go live in early fall after Access Services has had an opportunity to configure circ computers to issue e-mail notifications for holds generated from CT, PP, and SR IPS.  It was suggested that the New Titles interface be announced via Library News when the time comes.

IPS and Missing Items group

Cathy reported that staff were notified about the Item Process Status (IPS) Suggestion Form to add, modify, or delete an IPS (e-mail sent by Matthew Daley to TS/PS/CM Divisions on May 1, 2006).  The IPS spreadsheet is almost completed.  The Missing Items guideline for monographs and bound periodicals is finalized.  Cathy will look into getting links to these documents in AlephPro.


Recently, FCLA gave Gerald the go-ahead to load up to 12,000 records per day in stages.  This upper limit does not refer to records that require intensive indexing, such as the table of contents files.  Gerald will try this out when loading the next Serials Solutions update.

NEFLIN Holdings Maintenance workshop

October 6, the scheduled date for the NEFLIN Holdings Maintenance Workshop in Gainesville, is the same day as the UF Homecoming parade.  Betsy asked Patty Hay at NEFLIN to reschedule for Friday, October 13.

LW location changes

Rich has alerted Michele Newberry that the Sublibrary/Collection changes necessitated by the Library West re-opening need to be in place by the beginning of the fall semester.


Rich reported that FCLA is still negotiating the Endeca acquisition.

Test Client

Rich referred to an e-mail sent earlier notifying the group about FCLA's plans to replace the current Test Client with Production Client data.  If FCLA needs a smaller database for testing purposes (e.g., reindexing), the FCLA Development Client will be used.  The Test Client will be refreshed with the latest Production Client data upon request.

LC series decision

Priscilla announced that the SUL Authorities Subcommittee is organizing a meeting in late summer to discuss issues related to the LC series decision.

ARL statistics

Jan conveyed to the group that Public Services would like CatMet to assume responsibility for reporting the title and volume/unit counts for ARL.  Betsy explained that each year CatMet submits Form 7, which includes title and volume counts by type of material, to the Associate Director for Support Services, so this information is already available to report to ARL.  Martha commented that for other purposes the library needs these counts broken down by owning location, and Betsy responded that the new method for generating cataloging statistics using trigger reports allows such a breakdown. 


The next meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, July 25, 10:00-11:30am, MSL 107, will be a TS/PS/CM meeting..  


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