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RS Migration Group Minutes

June 10, 2004

The group endorsed its new name and charge as noted below:

TS Aleph Implementation Group


Coordinate cataloging, serials and acquisitions implementation activities, including the following:

    • identify and manage Aleph cleanup of data
    • collaborate with UF ALEPH Steering Committee, FCLA, Health Center Library, Legal Information Center and other library areas as necessary to make decisions regarding customization issues
    • supervise post-STP ALEPH cataloging, acquisitions, and serials training in consultation with the RS Training Committee
    • create STP checklists to assess system performance
    • establish and manage new workflows in ALEPH and create supporting documentation
    • guide system report development
    • collaborate with FCLA to configure record loaders

Post-STP training
Michele, Julia, and Betsy described various Acquisitions and Cataloging related classes and activities:

HOL 103 

  • covers pattern creation and correction
  • directed at Serials Acquisitions and Cataloging staff as well as selected branch staff and reps from Health and Law
  • offered June 10

ACQ Info

  • covers Search Module, Nav Map, and Acquisitions data of interest to Public Service staff
  • directed at Collection Managers, Reference, Circulation
  • in Test Region
  • might include hands-on segment
  • approximately three sessions to be offered in early July

Additional Reports classes will be presented as needed.

An Advanced Searching class will be developed by Julia and Denise.

The Cataloging Trainers have scheduled authorities classes on series, subjects, and names for mid to late June. 

The Cataloging Trainers established an "Aleph Catalogers" group e-mail and Aleph FAQ Web site to disseminate cataloging information to a wide array of staff performing cataloging tasks.  An Items and Holdings Guide and keyboard templates are among those aids created to assist catalogers.  Problems are being sent to FCLA via e-mail, FCLLIST, and FCLA's Aleph problem report database.  Instances of slow indexing have been reported, but only noted sporadically.  

Task groups:

The Item Records Standard Group, led by Doug K., is charged with setting local standards for inputting item information on serial records and tackling problems associated with the indexing of Enumeration data.  The group's first meeting was June 9.  Donna Alsbury and Jason have been able to remove caption information (e.g., no., pt.), which causes faulty indexing, via SQL programming and a macro, but manual intervention is still necessary.

Betsy reported that Doug S. is working closely with Daniel and Winston to finalize the label printing program. 

Lawan will coordinate a group to determine local policy related to record deletion.

Michele announced the Acquisitions Trainers will form a group to set policy regarding the use of the item drag/drop feature.

The group discussed the need to work more closely with Circulation to address issues such as the automatic generation of a cataloger hold for Circ Module quick catalog records.

Acquisitions data load
The Acquisitions data load is scheduled for the week of June 21.

Per Michele, Acquisitions staff have also been creating vendor codes for the PeopleSoft migration.    

GenLoad development
Julia reported that she, Gerald, and Doug S. are testing GenLoad, which FCLA is busy updating.  The Loaders group continues to meet and is currently focused on the YBP and GenLoad loaders. 

Macro Express
Julia announced the following:

  • a Macro Express presentation was held on June 1 for selected staff
  • to date Jason and Julia are the only Macro Express group members who have created macros; now the rest of the Macro Express group will begin to experiment
  • staff have begun to make requests for macros
  • currently have a ten person site license for the editor version; in next fiscal year the site license will be expanded to include all staff performing work that calls for Macro Express
  • a decision has not been made yet as to which version, player or editor, will be purchased for the majority of staff; player does not allow macro modification while editor does
  • Harvard sent Julia extensive macro documentation related to diacritic inputting

NAAUG Annual Meeting
Betsy and Martha will attend the NAAUG (North American Aleph Users Group) Annual Meeting in Boston June 13-15.  Betsy mentioned that the Cataloging Trainers have identified questions to investigate, including suppression of CAT coding in the Web OPAC MARC tags view and activation of 856 $y link text.  Michele expressed interest in learning about Ex Libris's new electronic resource management system and expanding the 1,000 item display limit.

UF Test reload
Martha explained that FCLA plans to do a reload of UF Test from NERCDEV1, effectively removing any record editing done to support training activities.  Betsy said the Cataloging Trainers do not have a problem with the potential loss of data.  Nelda offered to check with Cathy regarding examples used in the Binding classes.  Per Michele, budget and vendor information can be rebuilt.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 8, 11:00am-12:30pm, Library East Conference Room.

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, July 12, 2004


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