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RS Migration Group Minutes

July 03, 2003

NAAUG Annual Meeting
Betsy reminded the group that key information from the NAAUG Annual Meeting was included in the minutes from the June 11 Cataloging Trainers Group meeting The NAAUG meeting was held May 31-June 2 at the University of Iowa and was attended by Martha, Michele, Betsy, and FCLA staff.

ALA Annual Conference in Toronto
RS Migration Group members who attended ALA Annual were given an opportunity to share any information they gathered related to Ex Libris and Aleph. Lawan said Aleph was mentioned during the Catalog Management Discussion Group meeting entitled "Control Locally, Change Globally: Library Management Systems Take (Authority) Control". Suzanne attended the Automated Acquisitions/In-Process Control Systems Discussion Group meeting, chaired by Michael Kaplan, Ex Libris, where EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) was discussed. Betsy attended an ALCTS Cataloging and Classification Section program "Getting the Most Out of Subject References in the Online Catalog: Better Than It Used to Be?" which included a presentation from Michael Kaplan and others related to a set of recommendations proposed by the Subject Analysis Subcommittee on Subject Reference Structures in Automated Systems.

Betsy visited the Ex Libris booth to get a closer look at Version 16 and commented that the booth was much smaller than usual. Unfortunately, Ex Libris did not hold their customer reception, which provides a venue for networking with other Aleph institutions.

Data review update
Betsy reported that a wide variety of problems were reported during the full load review. The report deadline for reviewers was June 11. Due to interruptions caused by server work and the ALA Annual Conference, the submission of problem reports to FCLA was not completed until June 27. Betsy circulated a printout of UF's problems recorded in FCLA’s problem report database and announced that FCLA has provided general access to view the reports online. The userid and password was sent to all data reviewers on July 2.

The authorities review is ongoing (see more information below).

NERCICST tagged records
Following up on discussion at previous meetings, Betsy reported FCLA will include a selected group of NERCICST records - those tagged for data review by Barbara Gundersen and Lawan Orser’s units - in the next full load.

FCLA meeting
LMS Steering Committee members and Martha attended a meeting at FCLA on June 30 to discuss progress with the migration. Click here for the current version of FCLA’s updated Critical Path Tasks spreadsheet. (Excel)

Rich reported FCLA is in the process of upgrading to Version 15.5. FCLA plans to have Version 15.5 loaded in UFTest the week of July 7, then in UFProd by early August. We will likely not have another full load review until mid-fall. It is possible we may have another subset load review in the interim.

In addition to their work with Version 15.5, FCLA is also making progress with authority linking activities. FCLA plans to run the 6 million record LC Authority File against the approximately 80,000 records in FCProd. FCLA is scheduling a meeting for authorities staff from the Phase 1 libraries to discuss the Aleph authority structure, the status of the authorities subset load review, and authority issues to be resolved. [The meeting is scheduled for July 23. UF participants include Nancy Williams, Gerald Langford, Priscilla Williams, Tatiana Barr, Jackie Heiland, Betsy Simpson, Cecilia Botero, and a rep from Law.]

FCLA confirmed that UF will be able to close out FY04 in NOTIS.

February 2004 has been designated UF’s “soft STP” date, which means that UF should be implementation-ready by that time with all aspects of system configuration completed. This will allow a period of three months to accommodate delays and troubleshooting before UF’s “hard STP” of May 4, 2004. Martha said that it is possible UF will migrate to Version 16 before the SUL migration is accomplished.

FCLA plans to hold a meeting for Phase 1-3 libraries to discuss cataloging issues the week of August 11.

FCLA may hold refresher functional training classes.

Authorities review
Nancy distributed a document highlighting key authorities problems identified in the authorities review.

Aleph Authority Samples (Word doc).

Current plans call for sharing an authority file of names and subjects with the SUL and housing UF’s local (i.e., no 010) and series authorities in a separate local authority file. Due to developing concerns about authority linking and display, FCLA has suggested the possibility of postponing the implementation of the shared authority file. Nancy thinks it might be feasible to go forward with a more limited shared authority file for MeSH headings and possibly names. This issue will be discussed at the upcoming FCLA authorities meeting.

Client configuration
Betsy explained that Daniel Cromwell is developing a comprehensive list of configuration questions (e.g., decisions re. pull-down menus), which he plans to send to all the Phase 1 libraries by late July-early August for input. Michele said that she believes Daniel and Ellen Purcell are going to meet with Acquisitions staff to work through Acquisitions related set-up issues. Betsy responded that the list Daniel referred to may be specific to cataloging functions.

Training group activities
Michele reported that the Acquisitions training group will be meeting with Daniel and Ellen in the near future. Betsy said the Cataloging training group plans to meet at the end of the summer. To a great degree, both groups are on hold until system configuration is further refined. It is difficult to establish a training curriculum when key functions are not fully developed.

Lawan reiterated her request to have the needs of the Database Maintenance Unit taken into consideration when instituting training plans.

Martha stated that development of a training program should be a priority for the fall.

Item records
In Cathy’s absence, Betsy conveyed Cathy’s recent questions regarding standardizing how we input item record data. Martha and others commented that the publication patterns will provide built-in formatting of item records, thus drastically reducing the need for manual creation.

Cecilia and others stated that Aleph does not allow unlinked item records. A system generated item record is created at the point of order. The problems related to free text in item records have occurred most often with unlinked item records.

Martha explained that item records provide statistical data for inventory purposes.

It was pointed out that, as is now the case with LUIS, we are going to have to live with varying forms of bibliographic data, including item records.

Betsy offered to follow-up with Cathy about the discussion.

Next meeting
Cecilia suggested the group meet again after the July authorities meeting at FCLA to allow for discussion of issues prior to the August cataloging meeting at FCLA.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 11, 2:00-3:30pm, Library East Conference Room.

Attend FCLA authorities meeting (Nancy, etc.)
Be ready to respond to Daniel's configuration query (All)
Follow-up with Cathy re. item records (Betsy)
Continue to address training related issues (training groups)
Complete problem report submissions from authority review (Nancy, Betsy)

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson
Last updated: July 21, 2003


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